Jan 15, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Throw Me Love

I went thrifting with Carlie the other day looking for items for her nursery.  Our trip was pretty unsuccessful except for me discovering a couple cool throws for the house.  I like the cozy eclectic vibe they bring, and throw them over doors and fold them in stacks to keep near the couch.  They are always easy pieces to find when thrifting.  Just throw them in the wash on gentle and let them air dry and they are ready to snuggle!  

I was reading Jenny Highsmiths blog the other day and loved how she made an outfit board that combined this actual scarf with a black and white dress, so it made we want to try the combo today with this old thrifted shirt from Gap.  I thought the cowboy boots went well with the scarf and faded jeans.  Paired with my rain jacket and messy bun, it made for a cute rainy day look.  

I never know how to wear a scarf.  I feel like they make me look top heavy and I really dislike huge ones like these, the kind where if you unfold them all the way could be a sheet on a twin bed.  But alas, I keep buying them for the pretty patterns.  I know I can look at one of those demonstrations on the fifty ways of wearing a scarf, but today I'm just taking the chance that this way was one on the list.  Ugh I'll get it right next time! 

Shag Rug (Dirt Cheaped) Throw on Chair (Thrifted)  Zig Zag Throw (yard sale) Purple Woven Throw (Thrifted)
Boots (Forever 21) Jeans (Jessica Simpson) Top (Thrifted) Scarf (Target)   Fan (Thrifted)
 This is our little spare bedroom where the husband practices with his band, like he is actually doing right now.  I want to turn it into a nursery one day but for now its a music/guest bedroom.  At Dirt Cheap, they had a shipment of hotel toiletries and I got tons of them (mini shampoos, conditioners, face soaps) to stock the guest bath, and even some hotel house slippers for $1.  If I ever do have a guest, I plan on putting the slippers by the bed, hanging a white robe in the closet, and putting fresh flowers in a vase by the bed.  Then I can place some of the hotel bath goodies in a little basket in the bathroom.  I have the plan now all I need is a guest!  Don't worry future guest, I don't buy my bedding at the thrift store.

Today we went to have our taxes done and took Coes out to lunch.  I have given him and his daddy the nickname  "Pizza Punks" because that is what they always want, and that's where we went today, Stevie B's, or as I like to call it, Stevie B nothing but carbs.  It is a pizza bar with crazy varieties of pizza.  Some our favorites are Buffalo Chicken, Spinach and hite cheese, and the Bavarian chocolate.  Cohen liked the grape tomatoes from the salad bar, he calls them strawberries.  It was fun going out with my favorite guys.  


Faith, Love, and Pixie Dust


  1. We have that same black and multi-colored squares blanket on the couch I'm sitting on right now. My hubby's grandma made it. I've always loved it so darn much!

    1. I have seen a similar one at Anthropologie! His grandma has some good taste!! I think its cute for an eclectic nursery one day :)

  2. Your room is super cute. your pictures turned out super cute because of your room, and also you!
    i love your striped shirt and your booties!
    Those are the two things I'm kinda of obsessed with. Love it.

    pay me a visit :)

  3. I love that throw on the chair. Plus it's a great back drop for your outfit : )

    I find the same things with scarves. They can either make me look like I have no neck or huge boobs. I refuse to give up on them though especially here in winter when they are a necessity. I love the scarf with the black and white. Eclectic mix, like the bedroom.


  4. I love that scarf and I think it looks great on you. There are so many ways to wear them but have to agree that oversized scarves can be tricky but well worth persevering with :-)

  5. Love your style! And that throw looks so cozy!
    Happy to have found you via the Transatlantic Blonde's linky! New Follower!
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. Those throws are fabulous! I'm always hesitant to buy blankets at thrift stores, but if I ever find some like that I don't think I'll be able to resist! And I love your shirt with that scarf.(:

  7. I love the throws you got at the thrift store! I would never know how to coordinate patterned stuff like that!

    I think the guest bedroom and stocking your bathroom with the overnight toiletries is an amazing idea. However, you SHOULD one day make sure your husband's band practices aren't in vain by letting us hear!

  8. Lia that is a great idea!! I'm going to do a post soon featuring them (Red Scare Robot!) :)thanks Lia lovely!!

  9. Wonderful throws and scarf and excellent photos capturing it all.

  10. I LOVE your hair here and how sweet is that picture of you are your boy? Thanks for linking up please grab the badge/link and comment and you are good to go!
    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰