Jan 8, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Tweeds and Dots

I am in an amazing mood today, my team won its 3rd National Championship in 4 years.  We had a big party last night to watch the game, and we were all piled on the couch eating yummy food and enjoying the general splender of our team kicking their butts.  I liked the Notre Dame team but their schedule did not prepare them for us.   It sure feels good all this winning, but I'm sure the rest of the country is pretty sick of us.  We just keep winning and winning those Championships.  Ok, I'm done gloating about my team, I guess that is the expected reaction though.  Victory just feels so sweet.  OK I'm done, I'm done, I'm really done.  

People have many ideas on what it like to live in Alabama, mostly that its full of rednecks and fast food chains, but with Buck Wild on the television and me not knowing any person like that who lives near me, I have to assume that there are those kinds of people no matter where you live, north or south.  Alabama is a beautiful state, with hills, rivers, pastures, quaint towns, big cities, and lovely seasons.  It has plenty of history and friendly people, southern hospitality, good manners, and amazing football players.  I love living in my Sweet Home Alabama.  Another thing that is great about Alabama is great thrifting.  I found this great textured tweed jacket last year and this cute shimmery clutch a few weeks ago at the thrift store up the road!  I love pairing them with my Ruche top and circle pattern pants.

I like the combination of patterns and colors on this look.  I think the color of the pants pairs nice with the merlot heels.  I was worried about how these pants would look on me, a 5'2 frame, but I kinda think they look nice, its fun to try new things.  I tell you one thing though, I can NOT wear these with flats. No sir, No sir, it is a bad idea!!

Pants and Top (Ruche) both sold out :( here is a similar top
Shoes (Nine West) Necklace (Ruche)  Clutch and Jacket (thrifted)

I think this is a good outfit to wear when you want to be dressy but not where a dress.  Its hard to find fun dressy pants but these are just the unexpected element this outfit needs to make it interesting.  And as for the shirt. it is my prettiest top I own, every girl needs a pretty white or cream top to pair with difficult items.  

I was happy to be featured on Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl, I am a Mormon Monday.  It was a great opportunity to share about my beliefs, because I know there are many who are sometimes curious about what we do believe.  Please go check it out, its a lovely blog!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and goes thrifting, I hope I can go this week!  Much love to everyone!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. Wow, those shoes are hot, hot, hot! Lovely outfit, as per usual. Happy Tuesday!

  2. OMGosh! I LOVE this whole outfit!! Never thought different patterns could go together so smoothly! Love it!
    And your hair is to die for!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cassidy, you are so, so gorgeous! i really adore this whole look and the sensational pattern mixing plus velvet shoes are all ace together!! i love how passionate you are in support of your team too, happy to hear about the win :) kudos and victory laps are def in order now.

    totally empathize about the flats situation, i wore some today with an outfit and it ended up feeling all wrong. shoulda gone with the wedges instead, ah well...thems the breaks sometimes. baha! congrats on the feature, one thing i really appreciate more and more about blogs is getting to hear about others beliefs. it's very comforting to know how people find their spirit source and let it rise to the top. cheers! ♥

    1. Thanks Lynn, I'm glad you understand my flats predicament! Thank you for stopping by today I love your comments :)

  4. Love, love this look! Literally from head to toe. I would have never paired that tweed jacket with polka dot pants and maroon heels...NEVER...but I LOVE it! Super cute. You look awesome! xo Angela

  5. Oh man! Those heels, and that lace, and those pants, I love it all! Stunning! Thanks for stopping by and nominating me for the Liebster Award! You're too sweet! :) I already filled it out once before so I won't do it again, but THANK YOU!

    With Love,

  6. I love this look and how you have put it all together. I need to get some trousers in that cut/style, they look so good on you (and we are a similar height and build so I am hoping they will look ok on me too) and those shoes..... oooooooh I would like these very much! Gorgeous!

    Janine xx