Feb 13, 2013

Classic Romance

I LOVE VALENTINES DAY!  When I was in the 3rd grade I would check out this old Valentines Day book from the school library all the time through out the year. It was full of homemade Valentine craft ideas, history of the holiday, and stories of Valentines Day.  I loved the colors of red, pink, beige and white that were thoughout the book and I feel like I was channeling those pages in today's outfit!  

Nothing makes me feel more dressed than red lips and red heels!  I love the way they contrast off this pretty silk and lace dress.  I always do something with a little va-va-voom and Valentines day, its the perfect excuse to celebrate your feminine, romantic-al side!  Check out my "moody" outfit from last year!

Dress (RUCHE) Heels (RUCHE) Necklace (RUCHE) Bracelet (Heather Belle)

I am honestly not sure what we are even doing for Valentines Day, besides this outfit I have not made one plan.  Cam surprised me yesterday with roses (as I was walking into the store, he was walking out with roses in his hands, what a happy surprise!)  and bought me these fun balloons!  Oh and yes, it hasn't been a secret that I have been eyeing a certain Free People Frida Diamond necklace (in black!) so I hope to be blogging about that very soon!  

Sometimes the best present is just a box of good chocolates!  I am already craving chocolate like crazy so I just sent the husband to the store to pick up a box of brownie mix, yummy!  By the way, I have been hitting the gym for the past two weeks 8AM!!  I really deserve some sinful chocolates.  

I want to share some exciting news as well!  It has been a wonderful week for our family.  Cameron got promoted and is now a manager and will be traveling all over, even internationally, starting next week! In fact, I am dropping him off at the airport this Sunday and he will be headed to Dallas, TX!  He will be actually traveling a lot so this will be an adjustment, but I am so excited for him to be able to get out and see the world.  I am just so proud of him and thankful for how hard he works for our family.  In other news, his band just got contacted by a pretty huge record label, wanting to set up a time to chat with him??? WOW.  That boy is on fire!  I wonder what is to come this year for the Comptons??   Stay tuned!!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

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Feb 12, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Dreary Day

Whole outfit: Thrifted!
Model: Keaton Compton
Photography: Cassidy Compton

What to do on a dreary day?  Well around these parts there is always someone I can talk into doing a spontaneous photo shoot.  Keaton happened to be dressed in a totally thrifted outfit and he agreed to make a second appearance on Thrifted Tuesday, so here he is, being extra Ryan Goslin-y and all that in his thrifted threads!

Feb 9, 2013

Marie Antoinette Baby Shower!

Let them eat cake!  Today we celebrated Carlie's baby shower in Marie Antoinette fashion!  Carlie loves the Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette movie and how feminine and luxurious everything looks, especially the part where they have a party and eat tons of cakes and sweets!  That is what we tried to bring to life at her French baby shower!

Little Clementine will be there around mid March, and we can't stop singing the "Oh My Darlin" song so that is what we put on her wreath!  It will look so pretty on her door when she is arrives!!

We were inspired by....

There she is, the glowing mommy-to-be!  She looks so adorable with her baby bump, and its won't be to much longer until I am an AUNT!  I am so excited!!

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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust