Feb 1, 2013

February Love: Makeups

Today is the first day of February and I am going to be counting down until Valentines Day by blogging  about things I love.  I call it February Love.  Each day=a new love.  Sounds fun doesn't it!?

 Today, my love is makeups!  I have tried all kinds of makeups, never having a real "can't live without it" until recently.  Well, that's not true, there was about 5 years in which I only wore Bare Minerals foundation.  I recently changed to liquid and I am pretty sold, especially since I have a fancy illuminating foundation from Sephora!  It truly is amazing, I really don't even need under eye brighteners because it is such a good illuminator, plus it has SPF!  

I have purchased zillions of lip products, and I don't think I can ever stray from Fresh Sugar lip balm.  It taste like a lemon berry slush from Sonic and feels so buttery smooth on.  

I am in love with the Stila waterproof eyeliner.  I used to get so sick of it smudging, and this one doesn't, and is easy to apply for a liquid. 

I am still on the hunt for the perfect setting powder and mascara.  Right now I am using Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Illuminating Finish.  I am all about illumination in makeups!  As for mascara, this is just a sample one from Clinique, I like it alright.  What really makes a difference in my lashes is using my eyelash curler (not pictured) and the Diorshow Lash Serum before applying mascara!

I love my redheaded tweezers girl, these are great and you can get them at Sally's.

My eyeshadow is Laura Mercier, and goes on so silky smooth!  I also love the tufted design, I hated to mess it up!

When I use concealer it is Stila perfecting concealer.  Its a great one.

My can't live without product is my MAC eyebrow color.  It is so hard to find a good matte color to match my hair and this one fits the bill!

The product that makes the most difference is the Benefit Eye brightener crayon.  Rim the inside of your lash line with this and it makes your eyes really pop and look bright!

I also have been using a rich eye cream at night and in the mornings.  I use Clinique All About Eyes to handle the darkness and puffiness that being a mommy can sometimes bring.  

As a primer I use Almay Smart Shade to correct discoloration!  It makes for a smooth canvas!

My blush is simply amazing.  It is Bella Bamba by Benefit and is a 3D blush that makes your cheeks sing!  I always heard that whatever blush color you use, it should be a bright translucent. 

So those are all my favorites, below you can see where to purchase them!

1. Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Gilded Bronze
2. Diorshow Maximizer lash serum 
3. Stila waterproof eyeliner in Blackest Black
5.  Benefit Bella Bamba 3D Pink
7. Clinique High Impact Mascara Black
9. Clinique All About Eyes
10.  Mac Eyeshadow in Outre
11. Physicians Formula Youthful Wear in Translucent 
12. Tweezers (Bought at Sally's)

I accidentally took this pic of my perfumes, I thought it was cool.  So I wanted to add that Marc Jacob's Daisy is my favorite everyday perfume!

Hope you enjoyed my first February Love post!  
If you have any questions about any of the makeup, just ask!  I will try to answer as best I can!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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