Feb 2, 2013

Love Day 2: Blogging

Love Day 2 is devoted to my love of blogging.  I got asked if I ever run out of things to blog about and I answered that I never run out of ideas, just time!  When it all comes down to it, I honestly started this blog so I could write.  I don't know if I am a good writer, and I certainly know I am not a good self editor, but I dearly love writing.  The dialogue in my mind is always on, translating what I see and feel into a novelistic story telling tone, and I needed to get that out.  I wasn't that concerned with getting a hundreds of followers or sponsors, I just felt like I had finally come into my own and was ready to share my voice, because I finally felt like I had found it.

Finding your voice is liberating but I wanted to approach it cautiously, because I think it's more alluring when people keep a little mystery to themselves, and I didn't want to share to much intimate details about my life.  So I like mixing my writing between fun, light hearted post, to thoughtful and funny.  It keeps writing fun for me, and where I can always stay true to who I am.  I have always loved writing short stories of life's little adventures and that is what blogging allows me to do as well.

I still have many posts to write, outfits to dress up in, thrift stores to hunt, and lessons to learn.  The idea of documenting it all, with thoughts, music, stories, and photos is rewarding and fulfilling to me. I love looking back from a blog last year and remembering what exactly I was thinking, working on, and even wearing. I like to think of my kids looking through it one day and seeing their mom in outfits they might find ridiculous or ridiculously cool.  All I know is, I'll be glad I did it, and that love of a dream is what keeps me writing.

So, until tomorrow, good night and good dreams my dear Blogosphere.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

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