Feb 9, 2013

Marie Antoinette Baby Shower!

Let them eat cake!  Today we celebrated Carlie's baby shower in Marie Antoinette fashion!  Carlie loves the Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette movie and how feminine and luxurious everything looks, especially the part where they have a party and eat tons of cakes and sweets!  That is what we tried to bring to life at her French baby shower!

Little Clementine will be there around mid March, and we can't stop singing the "Oh My Darlin" song so that is what we put on her wreath!  It will look so pretty on her door when she is arrives!!

We were inspired by....

There she is, the glowing mommy-to-be!  She looks so adorable with her baby bump, and its won't be to much longer until I am an AUNT!  I am so excited!!

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