Mar 28, 2013

Baby Clementine's Nursery

Here is the final finished project!  When Carlie asked me to decorate my first niece's nursery, I was so excited.  Carlie described what she wanted as if Marie Antoinette designed a nursery in a cottage, so here it is!  I thought that idea was perfect.  It required mixing luxurious satin and gold finishes with old white furniture and floral details.  My favorite part of the nursery design is how clean and detailed it is.  No clutter allowed here!  (Not until she is 2!)  Her large closet and numerous drawers allow for everything to be hidden away from sight making this a palace worthy room.  The rug is so cozy and lovely and I think it is one of my favorite parts of the room, that and the chandelier that her mommy picked out!

Most of the furniture and decor was found at antique stores.  We went to A LOT of antique stores.  Some things were given to us at the shower, like the horse and this sweet wall hanging above.  I ordered her Paris Desert map from a French artist (its all the way from Paris!).  I love her "Marie Antoinette cake references" around the room, all of the tiny ceramic sweets are so cute!  We painted most of the finishes gold to tie everything together, and Clementines Nanna made the satin crib skirt, a huge budget saver.  I sewed satin ribbon onto a plain crib bumper to add some extra luxury to the bedding.  Simple, white bedding is my favorite bedding!!  The banner was made by me and I will be posting a DIY very soon.

Clementine seems very satisfied with her room as she slumbers in her perfect little crib.   If you want to see photo's from her Marie Antoinette inspired nursery, click HERE.  To see Cohen's nursery, click HERE.

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Happy Birthday COHEN!

Today was my Son's 2nd birthday!  His daddy was out of town today so we had a mommy and me day of fun, and will celebrate with a party next weekend (I have a wedding to shoot this Sat and then our trip to Disney).  I can't wait for his party because he gets so excited about presents!

Here is how we spent the day!

This morning I made him his favorite breakfie: cheesy eggs, strawberries and chocolate milk.
Then he wanted to take a bath, so I let him, even though we usually do that at night.
On the phone with his daddy he mentioned wanting cake and presents and we told him all of those things were coming his way soon!  He was happy.
We went to the post office to mail his party invites.
Then we went to the park and played for HOURS!
Then we ate lunch at Jacks and he got FRENCH FRIES!
Next we took a ride on the train at Noccalula Falls.  He was thrilled!
Then it was time for a nap.
Tonight we celebrated his Great Grandmothers birthday and he got to play with balloons and his cousin Jude.  He had a BLAST!!
My favorite part of the day is when I sat with him in his rocking chair in his room, and read to him the letter I wrote to him this morning (above).  He was curled up in my lap and smiled at me the whole time I read it, and I cried.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.  I'll love you forever, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!

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Mar 24, 2013

Pretty Periwinkle

It was classic rainy Spring day today so knew some light outerwear was a wise choice.  I love the color of this dress, I think it is so Springy and flattering on everyone.  Dresses like this are my favorite because they are so easy to dress up and down, and is an easy canvas to pair with other colors and patterns.  It went with so many of my skinny belts I could barely manage to choose one!   I got these new sunnies for my upcoming Florida trip.  They are big enough to give me good coverage and the cat eye brings a cool vintage flair to whatever I choose to wear (I am dreading packing).

Dress and Cardigan (Ruche)  Sunnies (AJ MORGAN)  Purse (Thrifted)  Shoes (Similar)

What a stormy week it has been here in Alabama!  Last night I could hardly sleep because of the lighting and thunder, and usually I love snoozing off to the sound of rain, but since last weeks "thunderstorms" ended up being a tornado, I was a little on edge!  Also, I caught a stomach virus on Wednesday, after taking Cohen to the doctor for the same thing.  It felt more like a plague because it has effected several other members of the family, and I hope it will die off soon!  For about two days I couldn't move, but luckily I had some pretty nice people taking care of me, especially Keaton!  He made sure Cohen got breakfast and a diaper change, lunch, everything.  I was so thankful.  The good thing about not eating for a week is the number on the scales.  I lost a good amount of weight and hopefully won't gain it right back because next week is our big DISNEY WORLD TRIP!  Cameron is off to Kansas City this week for work, but when he comes back, its time for our wonderful anniversary trip.  He has never been so I am excited to experience it with him.  

So I need some ADVICE.  What should I pack for Disney!?  I want to look cute but comfy, and I am sure it will be in the mid 70's when we go.  If you have been recently what are the do's and dont's of what to wear to the parks?  I really can't pull off the athletic tank top and cotton shorts look with sneakers, but don't want to wear jean Capri's either!  Ugh I need help!!!  What kind of shoes?  Will Toms be to unsupportive for the whole day?  I see some people wearing flip flops how does that work out for them?  PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!! 

Cohen is wearing Zara Baby.

I loved what he wore to Church today, this little cable knit sweater with elbow patches over a denim shirt and white trousers....tooooo handsome!! I wanted to take a Cohen Style photo but he fell right to sleep after church.  I am still not 100% so I think I will take a little nap as well.  Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!

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Mar 20, 2013

Super Girl

Today I am loving the pop of color and fun from my Masked Super Hero Woman Scarf from Skip N' Whistle!  It is so easy to throw on with any outfit, and it is oh so cozy.  It is made of a super soft and thin T-shirt material.  This scarf is how I wish all of my T-shirts felt.  I love how wide the scarf is yet also thin enough to throw around my neck without so much bulk.  I am looking forward to wearing this to the airport and it keeping me warm on the plane should I get a little chilly, which I tend to do.

This scarf brought out the "super girl" inside of me so I wanted to pair it with my baddest wedges and my vegan leather jacket.  On top of my simple top and skinny jeans this is an effortless look that is cozy while dressy at the same time.

Skip N' Whistle has so many options that allow you to create the cozy scarf that best defines you!  There were many colors and graphics to choose from, but I fell in love with this hero woman when I saw her!   While comic books and super hero's aren't my number one concern, they are my husbands!  While he HATES these shoes I am wearing (is it bad that I don't care? haha) he loves the vintage hero on the scarf, so it evens itself out!

As for the shoes, I can always make up for not listening to him by helping organize his comics...(see below pic!)

Scarf c/o (Skip N' Whistle)    Jeans and Wedges (UO)   Top (Threadsence)   Sunnies(thrifted)

Skip N' Whistle also carries sweatshirts, bags, T-shirts and tank tops, plus they do custom screen printing all with eco friendly ink!  Below are some of my favorite products and screen prints!

Pirate Ship Tank in Green
Western Indian Cats Sweatshirt and
the Vintage Rolleiflex Camera t shirt!

Mar 19, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Free Spirit

Purse and Bodysuit (thrifted) Pants and Vest (  Shoes (Urban Outfitters) Bracelet (Ruche) 

I haven't done a Thrifted Tuesday in a while, like since the Thrift Store song even came out!  But I couldn't wait to show off my little side purse I thrifted last week.  It is the perfect size for my wallet, phone, some sort of lip product, and a diaper and zip lock of baby wipes.  That is all I really need with my these days, unless it is going to be a long day out with my little boy, then I need something a bit more practical.  But when I am having a breezy carefree day it is my new go to bag.

I love the idea of being a free spirit, and not always wearing the trendiest thing at the moment.  Me and my sister were discussing the armies of chevronprinted/monogrammed girls of the moment and our need to never wear such a uniform.  While it is fun to dress like your friends, it is also fun to just dress how you want.  Of course, trial and error are always expected in this unbeaten path, but in a world where it is so hard to be distinctive, the easiest thing to do to achieve it is just be yourself!

Oh and guess what also happened since I last posted!?  I became an Aunt to a sweet little Clementine Jean.  She is a healthy, happy baby and we are so glad her and her momma did well during delivery.  I am posting pictures of her nursery too!  Well I am off to see her now, so I hope everyone has a great Thrifted Tuesday!

Thanks to Cameron Compton for lovely photos, I'm lucky to have such a great photographer as a husband!

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Mar 3, 2013

March Madness

March is here!  That means this month I will
1. be the mommy of a toddler
2. become an Aunt
3.  bid farewell to Noah who is leaving on his mission.

That's a lot of big moments so I am so happy that Cameron will not be leaving for business the whole month, he is stationed in Birmingham for the month so everything will work out perfectly.  Now we can plan our big anniversary trip and plan for Cohen's little party, and what we are going to get him!  

Today I wanted to wear green to celebrate March, and what a lucky month it is.  This green top is actually a peplum top layered over another long sleeved peplum top!  I kind of threw this together last minute on the way to church and loved the way it turned out.  Pencil skirts will never fail you when you are in a hurry.  Tuck in any top and throw on some heels and its an effortless look!

This week I will be taking photo's of Baby York's nursery and do a little DIY as well.  So lots to look forward to this week!

I hope everyone has a lucky March!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust