Mar 28, 2013

Baby Clementine's Nursery

Here is the final finished project!  When Carlie asked me to decorate my first niece's nursery, I was so excited.  Carlie described what she wanted as if Marie Antoinette designed a nursery in a cottage, so here it is!  I thought that idea was perfect.  It required mixing luxurious satin and gold finishes with old white furniture and floral details.  My favorite part of the nursery design is how clean and detailed it is.  No clutter allowed here!  (Not until she is 2!)  Her large closet and numerous drawers allow for everything to be hidden away from sight making this a palace worthy room.  The rug is so cozy and lovely and I think it is one of my favorite parts of the room, that and the chandelier that her mommy picked out!

Most of the furniture and decor was found at antique stores.  We went to A LOT of antique stores.  Some things were given to us at the shower, like the horse and this sweet wall hanging above.  I ordered her Paris Desert map from a French artist (its all the way from Paris!).  I love her "Marie Antoinette cake references" around the room, all of the tiny ceramic sweets are so cute!  We painted most of the finishes gold to tie everything together, and Clementines Nanna made the satin crib skirt, a huge budget saver.  I sewed satin ribbon onto a plain crib bumper to add some extra luxury to the bedding.  Simple, white bedding is my favorite bedding!!  The banner was made by me and I will be posting a DIY very soon.

Clementine seems very satisfied with her room as she slumbers in her perfect little crib.   If you want to see photo's from her Marie Antoinette inspired nursery, click HERE.  To see Cohen's nursery, click HERE.

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  1. OMG! Before I even saw what you wrote, I was thinking this nursery looks like a vintage Parisian room. And then you mentioned Marie Antoinette. :) You definitely brought the idea to life. I love the white furniture against the soft pink hues on the walls. Everything is just too pretty! Great job, Cassidy!