Mar 28, 2013

Happy Birthday COHEN!

Today was my Son's 2nd birthday!  His daddy was out of town today so we had a mommy and me day of fun, and will celebrate with a party next weekend (I have a wedding to shoot this Sat and then our trip to Disney).  I can't wait for his party because he gets so excited about presents!

Here is how we spent the day!

This morning I made him his favorite breakfie: cheesy eggs, strawberries and chocolate milk.
Then he wanted to take a bath, so I let him, even though we usually do that at night.
On the phone with his daddy he mentioned wanting cake and presents and we told him all of those things were coming his way soon!  He was happy.
We went to the post office to mail his party invites.
Then we went to the park and played for HOURS!
Then we ate lunch at Jacks and he got FRENCH FRIES!
Next we took a ride on the train at Noccalula Falls.  He was thrilled!
Then it was time for a nap.
Tonight we celebrated his Great Grandmothers birthday and he got to play with balloons and his cousin Jude.  He had a BLAST!!
My favorite part of the day is when I sat with him in his rocking chair in his room, and read to him the letter I wrote to him this morning (above).  He was curled up in my lap and smiled at me the whole time I read it, and I cried.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.  I'll love you forever, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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