Mar 24, 2013

Pretty Periwinkle

It was classic rainy Spring day today so knew some light outerwear was a wise choice.  I love the color of this dress, I think it is so Springy and flattering on everyone.  Dresses like this are my favorite because they are so easy to dress up and down, and is an easy canvas to pair with other colors and patterns.  It went with so many of my skinny belts I could barely manage to choose one!   I got these new sunnies for my upcoming Florida trip.  They are big enough to give me good coverage and the cat eye brings a cool vintage flair to whatever I choose to wear (I am dreading packing).

Dress and Cardigan (Ruche)  Sunnies (AJ MORGAN)  Purse (Thrifted)  Shoes (Similar)

What a stormy week it has been here in Alabama!  Last night I could hardly sleep because of the lighting and thunder, and usually I love snoozing off to the sound of rain, but since last weeks "thunderstorms" ended up being a tornado, I was a little on edge!  Also, I caught a stomach virus on Wednesday, after taking Cohen to the doctor for the same thing.  It felt more like a plague because it has effected several other members of the family, and I hope it will die off soon!  For about two days I couldn't move, but luckily I had some pretty nice people taking care of me, especially Keaton!  He made sure Cohen got breakfast and a diaper change, lunch, everything.  I was so thankful.  The good thing about not eating for a week is the number on the scales.  I lost a good amount of weight and hopefully won't gain it right back because next week is our big DISNEY WORLD TRIP!  Cameron is off to Kansas City this week for work, but when he comes back, its time for our wonderful anniversary trip.  He has never been so I am excited to experience it with him.  

So I need some ADVICE.  What should I pack for Disney!?  I want to look cute but comfy, and I am sure it will be in the mid 70's when we go.  If you have been recently what are the do's and dont's of what to wear to the parks?  I really can't pull off the athletic tank top and cotton shorts look with sneakers, but don't want to wear jean Capri's either!  Ugh I need help!!!  What kind of shoes?  Will Toms be to unsupportive for the whole day?  I see some people wearing flip flops how does that work out for them?  PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!! 

Cohen is wearing Zara Baby.

I loved what he wore to Church today, this little cable knit sweater with elbow patches over a denim shirt and white trousers....tooooo handsome!! I wanted to take a Cohen Style photo but he fell right to sleep after church.  I am still not 100% so I think I will take a little nap as well.  Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!

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  1. that color is so pretty! what a beautiful dress!

  2. Cute outfit! Love your dress and cardigan! You have gorgeous hair too! How do you style it?


    1. Thank you Caroline! I usually let it air dry and then use a 2 inch curling barrel and curl away from my face starting at my cheekbones. Then I just run my fingers through it! Oh yea and back comb my roots for some lift before I start curling!

  3. Love this outfit! The colors are so pretty together. I always have trouble pairing less obvious colors/patterns together. You're my newest addition to my style inspiration! And your newest follower! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  4. What a pretty outfit! The color of your dress is just amazing, and I love how comfy, cozy the cardigan looks!

  5. You're in luck! I just went to Disneyland last Summer! Here are a few tips:
    Wear cool, comfortable clothes (seriously, don't worry about looking cute! It's much nicer to be comfortable!) I pretty much wore shorts and a tee shirt the entire time. A skirt would not be a good idea in my opinion-some of the rides are not easy to get into, so wearing a skirt would be awkward at times.

    DO NOT wear new shoes! Wear shoes that are comfortable-I wore flip flops but regretted it majorly since my feet were killing me! Also they get slippery after going on a water ride.

    Some type of hat is also a good idea for standing in line (just make sure you take it off prior to taking off on a ride-especially space mountain!)
    I should also tell you pretty much everyone at the park is a tourist, so everyone is dressed in tourist clothes (I.E. shorts and a tee shirt). Some people wear more dressy items, but they're pretty much the minority.

    Oh, not related to clothes but be sure to take your camera! You can also take pictures of the pictures at the end of the roller coaster (instead of buying each one, which can get expensive!).
    You're going to have so much fun, but trust me, you'll be tired! ;)
    Sorry if this was TMI, hopefully you gleaned something from my rambeling!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Thank you for the great advice! Ill be looking at this many times as I pack! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!

  6. Your dress is stunning! I love the cardigan you paired it with, and your sunglasses are epic!!! you're so so SO gorgeous. =)