Mar 20, 2013

Super Girl

Today I am loving the pop of color and fun from my Masked Super Hero Woman Scarf from Skip N' Whistle!  It is so easy to throw on with any outfit, and it is oh so cozy.  It is made of a super soft and thin T-shirt material.  This scarf is how I wish all of my T-shirts felt.  I love how wide the scarf is yet also thin enough to throw around my neck without so much bulk.  I am looking forward to wearing this to the airport and it keeping me warm on the plane should I get a little chilly, which I tend to do.

This scarf brought out the "super girl" inside of me so I wanted to pair it with my baddest wedges and my vegan leather jacket.  On top of my simple top and skinny jeans this is an effortless look that is cozy while dressy at the same time.

Skip N' Whistle has so many options that allow you to create the cozy scarf that best defines you!  There were many colors and graphics to choose from, but I fell in love with this hero woman when I saw her!   While comic books and super hero's aren't my number one concern, they are my husbands!  While he HATES these shoes I am wearing (is it bad that I don't care? haha) he loves the vintage hero on the scarf, so it evens itself out!

As for the shoes, I can always make up for not listening to him by helping organize his comics...(see below pic!)

Scarf c/o (Skip N' Whistle)    Jeans and Wedges (UO)   Top (Threadsence)   Sunnies(thrifted)

Skip N' Whistle also carries sweatshirts, bags, T-shirts and tank tops, plus they do custom screen printing all with eco friendly ink!  Below are some of my favorite products and screen prints!

Pirate Ship Tank in Green
Western Indian Cats Sweatshirt and
the Vintage Rolleiflex Camera t shirt!


  1. Cute top and and jacket!


  2. Great outfit - I love your scarf too, the colour if great and the superwomen print is fab. Nope, if you like them you should wear them, your not asking your husband too haha :)
    Lianne x

  3. I love this outfit. I'm a big fan of superheroes and comic (like your husband) so I think the scarf is great, and the shoes. :) Also, I absolutely love your hair.


  4. Love your outfit! Super cute (although I do like it with the jacket better, it gives it a more "supergirl" feel! ;)
    A Modest Fashion Blog: