Mar 19, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Free Spirit

Purse and Bodysuit (thrifted) Pants and Vest (  Shoes (Urban Outfitters) Bracelet (Ruche) 

I haven't done a Thrifted Tuesday in a while, like since the Thrift Store song even came out!  But I couldn't wait to show off my little side purse I thrifted last week.  It is the perfect size for my wallet, phone, some sort of lip product, and a diaper and zip lock of baby wipes.  That is all I really need with my these days, unless it is going to be a long day out with my little boy, then I need something a bit more practical.  But when I am having a breezy carefree day it is my new go to bag.

I love the idea of being a free spirit, and not always wearing the trendiest thing at the moment.  Me and my sister were discussing the armies of chevronprinted/monogrammed girls of the moment and our need to never wear such a uniform.  While it is fun to dress like your friends, it is also fun to just dress how you want.  Of course, trial and error are always expected in this unbeaten path, but in a world where it is so hard to be distinctive, the easiest thing to do to achieve it is just be yourself!

Oh and guess what also happened since I last posted!?  I became an Aunt to a sweet little Clementine Jean.  She is a healthy, happy baby and we are so glad her and her momma did well during delivery.  I am posting pictures of her nursery too!  Well I am off to see her now, so I hope everyone has a great Thrifted Tuesday!

Thanks to Cameron Compton for lovely photos, I'm lucky to have such a great photographer as a husband!

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