Apr 19, 2013

Baby Name Banner DIY

When I posted Clementines nursery tour, I said I would do a tutorial on how I made this banner for her name.  Since her room is so prim and proper, she needed a name banner than was clean cut structured, yet feminine.  I usually use fabric for banners, and paint for letters, so I tried something different this time and used cardboard and wooden letters. The result is a beautiful and sturdy banner that will last!

Here is what you will need!

12x12 cardstock (Hobby Lobby)
Hole Punch
Pre-cut cardboard Triangles (Hobby Lobby) (or you can make your own)
Elmer's glue
Paint Brush
Lace, Jute, or string (to string the banner together)
Wooden Letters (Hobby Lobby
Paint for letters (I didn't use any but you might want to!)

I chose this book of paper because it went so well with her nursery colors!
Place a cardboard triangle  on the cardstock and use a pencil to trace the triangle, then cut it out!  

Cut as many triangles as you need.  Use different paper, or the same, just depends on the look you want!

Now place the cardboard triangle over your paper, and draw the circle onto the paper, so they will line up perfectly! After your circle is on the paper, use a hole punch to carefully cut the hole over the traced circle.

Paint a thin layer of glue onto the cardboard, make sure you cover it completely, especially the edges!
Carefully lay the paper on top, lining up the holes.  Press down firmly until it is smooth.  Set aside to dry and start another.  

When you have all of the triangles you need lay them out in the order you desire.

I used some vintage lace from my stash to string them together.  My triangles stay in place because the lace stops them from sliding around.  If you use string or something thinner, you may need to use a little hot glue along the edges of the holes to hold it in place!

Next, you add your letters (we used superglue) and when it's dry it is ready to hang!  I hung it on to two nails and tied the lace in ribbons around the nail so you couldn't see it.  Here is the final finished project!  Oh and in case you are wondering I made the "bebe" from florist wire and glued some floral vining around it!  Super easy!

Happy Bunting!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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