Apr 17, 2013

Clementine Jean

Tired of seeing babies in buckets with hats?  Or curled up naked on a blanket?  I kinda am too.  Don't get me wrong, they are SUPER cute, and most of the time beautifully done, we just wanted to do something a little different with my new niece Clementine!  I found this shoot refreshing, capturing the happy family as they are.  No costumes, no fuss, just a little family enjoying a beautiful day with their new daughter.  They set up a blanket in the grass under a pretty tree and just enjoyed their cooing little girl.  I shot a photo when I saw a sweet moment, and I adore the way they turned out.  

This little girl is so sweet, and already we can't remember life before her.  Her mommy and daddy couldn't have been blessed with a sweeter baby.  They named her Clementine Jean, which is a perfect name for her!  I can't wait to watch her grow up, and I am so excited to be a first time aunt! 

So I'm sure I will back to shooting photos of babies in buckets soon enough, you can't deny the cuteness.  But this little chick, she is like Cohen, to cool for school, they just have to do things a bit different!    These cousins are going to create many new paths together!

If you want to see photos of her nursery, click here

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