Apr 8, 2013

First Wedding of the Spring

Last weekend, I had the honor of being the photographer at Morgan and Derrick's wedding!  Morgan loves her military man more that anything in this world, and was determined to marry him outside under this beautiful tree by the water, even if it meant getting her dress wet in the rain!  In that moment, when they said their vows, surrounded by their families and friends, everyone knew that this wedding was about love, and whether it rained or not, it was not going to ruin their special day.  I thought this last photo captured that emotion perfectly.  From the misty air, to the umbrellas, to the groom scooping up his bride so she wouldn't have to get her dress any more dirty, it was a beautiful moment!


  1. Wow...just stunning photos. Truly beautiful.


  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the shoes the bride chose to wear.

  3. stunning photos love the one of the bride wearing the boots!!! x

  4. Cassidy, I just saw this! I have never got a chance to read your blog but I love it! Thank you so much for being such an amazing photographer and for making all my photos beautiful and perfect. I couldn't have picked a sweeter, more talented person to do my photos! Even though it rained and most everything got ruined, I had an amazing wedding and I'm so thankful that you could capture it all!<3