Apr 11, 2013

New Hair!

Nothings puts a pep in your step like a fresh new hair style!  In my previous post I mentioned spontaneous ideas that take place whenever I am hanging out with my sister.  Two days ago I woke up without knowing my sister was planning on visiting me or that my hair would be extra extra vibrant by the end of the day, but she did and it is and I love it!  She suggested I give my color some richness and although I was hesitant at first. I really really like my natural color, I have to say that this is a lot of fun and my husband loves it as well!  I might try this look out for a while!  Reds fade fast so this is never much of a permanent decision, so I like the freedom in that as well.  When ever I look in the mirror I am a bit stunned at the boldness of the girl in the reflection, but I also think she is pretty cool, and I could get used to that girl!  By the way, us redheads have way more fun!

Are any of you toiling over a hair change at the moment?  Hair cut, bangs, crazy color?  Sometimes I feel like as women we spend 50% of our time thinking about this!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous and I love your outfit, the floral skirt is perfect for spring!

    Sita xx