Apr 10, 2013


My sister Katelyn lives for music festivals.  She has been to so many along with our cousins Kyli and Kasi,  and has amazing experiences and meets so many great people who share their sensational taste in music!  Being a songbird herself, I wanted to do a shoot with her that captured her love for her beloved guitar and her upcoming excitement for festival season.  We put together an outfit that would be perfect to wear to her many festival adventures (minus the heels of course) and I love the result!!

Dress and Wedges (Target)   Hat, bracelet, necklace and sunnies (Ruche)  Bangles (Jewelmint and Heather Belle)  Vest (Earthbound Traders) Picnic basket (yard sale find from our Momma)  Wildflowers (hand picked by us!)

We had so much fun out in the sunshine today.  The wisteria was in full bloom and smelled heavenly. My life would not be the same without my sister!  Whenever we are together, we always end up doing something spontaneous and fun, and I always end up laughing so hard that I am crying. That girl knows how to make memories!  I love my sister!  Here is her lovely songbird voice, enjoy!

Mary Katelyn Driscoll covering John Mayer  ( I like her version better)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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  1. what a stunning compilation of photos. You're photography is gorgeous! You're sister is beautiful and what a lovely idea for a photo shoot! I love my sisters madly too! you can't beat sisterhood! x rebecca