May 1, 2013

Around Our Home

What makes a house a home?.  I don't know why I hang random things where I do, or repaint a room 5 times, but after I am done arranging, cleaning, and organizing, I look around and love everything I see.  Sure I am plotting on how to score a new couch, and regretting that flat top stove I got, but every inch of this house I love.  (Except the barren basement and bottom left corner of the hall closet, I hate those two parts).  I am thankful for my husband for providing me with such a lovely home that I love, and that we get to decorate however we want, with stuff we love.  If I ever moved, I would really miss this perfect little house.  It is where we brought our baby home, and is where we are growing everyday as a family.  

 The couch has become Cohen's jungle gym, and his daily nap station, unless I am lucky enough to get him to his crib before he surprises me by falling asleep early.

 As for the three pairs of shoes, they are our favorite pairs.  Cohen would wear his rainboots everywhere if he could!  I love the unconventional family portrait it is, and want to get it framed :) I am sure that the little mouse who lives in our house will set out his teeny little mouse shoe's up there too pretty soon.  

That little photo of me and Cam was an engagement photo that was set on our dining tables at our wedding.  It is hanging by the window in our bedroom.

I organized my shoe closet, putting away all of my winter/fall shoes in the suitcases in our room.  (Those suitcases are not just for decoration!) And I also organized my jewelry so only my everyday stuff is out and ready for me to throw on in a hurry.  Pretty Pretty.  Swiper no swiping.

Cohen's favorite toys are now household decor.  Everything else gets put away everyday but the trains and his Batman and Joker.  He is always playing with these guys and the trains!!  I think the trains are so cute so I don't mind at all.

We are on the go a lot more now that we have the car during the days!  I keep my sunnies, keys, and Aldi's quarter by the door so I can be ready to go!  I have been loving taking Cohen grocery shopping, to the gym, and to the park.  It is fun having free use of the car and we are taking full advantage until Daddy comes home!  (Can't wait till you come home babe!)

Cohen loves his great grandmothers and points to this photo in our doorway and says their names, Nanny Bush, and Zizzi (Mimi).

Our front yard is always COVERED in clovers.  I love them.  And yes I KNOW they are weeds.  And yes, I know my neighborhood probably hates me.  But,  1. Our lawnmower is broken.  2.  I can't afford to pay someone to cut it everyday when they grow back by the next morning.  3.  They feel really good to Cohen's bare feet.  4. They smell good.  5.  I am looking into hiring a landscaper so they shouldn't be around long.  Plus I think they are pretty.  Our house is being taken over by weeds.

I love these little moments (fireplace and doorway decor) like these around the house, I think they provide so much interest and insight to who we really are.  I think they give a home soul.

Finally, look at my superman on the couch, he just woke up so it's time to make him some dinner.  He keeps talking about pizza.  We will see. :)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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