May 19, 2013

The Dress, The Shoes

Necklace (Yard Sale)  Dress ( Dear Creatures)  Shoes (Swedish Hasbeens)  Knee Socks (Modcloth)  
I haven't posted an outfit in so long.   Thus explaining my overdramatic poses, I have been out of practice.   My main go to photographer, my husband, is finally back in town for a while from Wisconsin and at my disposal to take photos whenever I wish.  Thrilling for him I'm sure. :)   I wanted to model my Mother's Day gifts, aren't these shoes darling?  He did a great job adhering to the, ahem, list.   I adore this flowy, cutesy dress and when I paired it with some knee socks I felt the outfit was perfectly charming.  Our town has a huge yard sale weekend every year and I made a point to go and find something I loved.  I came back about 5 dollars poorer and a key necklace, a 70's floral bag (It even came with a brief history from the nice owner who was selling it to me), and a couple of sewing hoops richer.  I love living in a place where yard sales are taken so seriously!  I think every house for 10 miles was having one.

We had a wonderful weekend that began with picking up Cameron from the airport.  The next day we went to the zoo with my family and Cohen had a terrific time.  Having him makes those kind of outings ten times more exciting than they normally would be.  Last night we had a delightful double date at Buffalo Wild Wings with Derek and Carlie.  I needed those laughs that can only come from Cameron's exaggerated story telling.  I missed him so much!

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  1. Love your whole outfit - especially the shoes. =) You look so gorgeous!!

  2. you are super goreous, like stunningly.

    love the garage sale finds, and the dress.

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  3. Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays, wow your pictures are beautiful, great outfit :)