May 21, 2013

Thrifted Tuesday: Sunflowers and Gingham

I make this pose a lot! 
We have been taking a lot of family walks lately.  Now that Cameron is home he can join us at the bird sanctuary in the afternoon, where we go several times a week so David, my father in law, can get some good exercise in.  Each day, he walks a little bit further and it is amazing to watch.  Cohen loves running up and down the, ahem,"troll bridge", thanks Dora, and feeding itsy bitsy spiders bread instead of the evil geese.  Between playing with the kids every morning at the gym nursery, and this walk, he keeps a pretty consistent nap and sleep schedule.  I love that he gets to play with kids everyday and also get outside and enjoy nature every day as well.  He loves learning new things and getting out and about like this is a great way to explore the world around him! 

These pants.....I can barely fit in to them and last year they were loose!  Hopefully I will be able to shed some inches with all of this walking and gym time.  I went through a slugsworth period pretty much all winter and it is taking its toll!  I thrifted them last year and they are my go-to summer pants, so I need to get comfortable in them again!  

I thrifted this top recently and fell in love with the print.  Since it was a bit large, I decided to tie the front ends together to give it a more tailored fit.  I love the cute little sleeves!  I am dying for a yellow dress or skirt in this pattern!  

My mom found a huge loot of picnic baskets at a yard sale and this little purse was a apart of that find.  It's a little wooden clutch that is full of charm and I love her so much for giving it to me!!  

Notice my sunflower crown?  Its kind of hard not too I'm sure.  I was bored one night and wanted to do something crafty, so I made three different flower headbands from old headbands I wasn't using.  Wearing flowers in my hair is my favorite, it adds the perfect amount of whimsy when you need it.  Cam called me his sunflower princess, and any time I get called a princess, its a good day.  

On Mommy:  Top and Jeans (thrifted!)  Flower Crown (DIY)  Flats (Threadsence)  Clutch (Yard Sale, from my Momma)

On Cohen:  Shirt and Jumper (thrifted!)  Curls (I have no idea)

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  1. We both have a love for sunflowers and for our guys calling us sunflower princesses.. hahah you are darling!!

  2. Both of you look lovely! Love the flower crown!

    Sita xx

  3. Really cute! Love your headband! I've been contemplating getting a flower headband-just not sure I would wear it! =)
    So this is a funny tip, but I tried it a week or so ago and it actually works-try walking backwards! My heart rate was up way faster walking backwards than forwards! I saw that on Pinterest and thought it was a joke, nope! Pretty cool! Just be careful not to trip! LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. You look fab in gingham and love your little dude!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰