Jun 13, 2013

More From Our Holiday by the Sea

 I had to do another shoot with this adorable little boy while at the beach.  We had to many beautiful days and long evenings and the beautiful scenery was begging for me to make use of it.  I did a shoot of him on the same beach last year, if you want to see how much he has grown, click HERE.

Most of my trip was spent with my Mom and Stepfather and the kids, (Jud, Nick, Erica and her friends) and of course Cohen.  I so appreciated them cooking us delicious lunches and dinners everyday.  Between that and Kilwins, I gained all of my pre-vacation weight back, so worth it.  We had a relaxing time and everyday was beautiful.  We spent so much time at the beach and the pool and it never got old.

The tail end of my trip was a mini vacation with Cameron, Carlie, Derek, Clementine, and Sadie.  They came down Friday and we stayed for a couple of days.  We swam in the ocean, went out to eat, a lot, and survived a beach storm on our last day.

It was so much fun to spend so much time at the beach with a bunch of loved ones.  Here are some photos from the other side of the trip.  I wish I had more photo's other than us just sitting in our hotel room the first day.   Next time, I'll take more interesting photos, if there are any to take, maybe we are just boring haha.

 Somehow Carlie and Derek and Clementine managed to not be in any of these!   But trust, me they were there.  I will never get tired of Panama City, I have been coming here every summer since I was a baby and now my son is carrying on the same tradition.  It feels good going back every year.  Seeing it change and grow,  passing the Flamingo hotel I stayed during middle school vacation, the soft and sticky sand, and never actually finding a complete shell wash up on the shore, but there is always hope for that I guess, after 27 years.  It is one of my favorite beaches, mostly for all of the memories I have made there.  I can't wait for Cohen to make tons of memories too!

Tomorrow I am headed to Birmingham all day for a photo shoot, a family reunion, and to see Superman in imax.  The most eventful weekend we have had in a while, haha.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Jun 5, 2013

Summer Lovin

Be forewarned, there are a ton of photos below.  My brother, snapped about 200 photos of me and Coes on the beach, and I could hardly choose just a few favorites.  This little boy melts my heart faster than the summer sun melts the chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookies on the beach.  Perfection.  This morning he woke me up by saying he "like my hair", and also, that he "like my earrings."  We are enjoying ourselves down here on the Florida shore.  Our days are filled with family, sunshine, pool splashing, sunscreen bathing, and beach naps.  His favorite part of the trip is riding the firetruck ride at the carnival at Pier Park, and also riding the alligator (the elevator).  We can't wait for Cameron to come down here and make some wonderful family memories.  

On Mommy: Betty Page via Modcloth, Flower Crown, DIY
On Cohen: Sailor Suit (gift from Nonna)  Surfer Curls (the beach breeze)
I felt like a vintage beach princess in this swimsuit and flower crown.  This one piece swimsuit is amazing, and is similar to the Esther Williams ones, which come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes.  Modcloth carries them all and in plus sizes.  This suit is flattering on everyone.  I just can't recommend it enough.

This little boy stayed snuggled up on my chest for so long I couldn't help but soak up every minute of his sweet little love.  His hugs and kisses and willingness to hold my hand will never escape my memories.  I have an angel.
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust