Nov 1, 2013

Halloween Party

Halloween is over now and I can’t believe it!  We talked about Halloween, watched Halloween shows, and read Halloween books every day of October!  Cohen was really into it, and I don’t think I can get him that excited for our next holiday, Thanksgiving.  Although, the first Thanksgiving-y movie came out today, about Turkeys revolting or something.  I can’t wait till he sees it and can get his mind of ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, and especially candy!!  

We attended our church party for Halloween.  He got to go around Trick-or-Treating and got to be in a costume contest!  His little cousin Clementine won the contest, she was a baby bluebird! (below)  He had so much fun seeing his other cousins all dressed up, Lilly as Zelda, Jude was a dinosaur, and his newest cousin Julian was a baby Harry Potter.  I went as a woodland fairy and had so much fun making my costume.  I was scared to make the wings but they turned out so easy!  Those coat hangers are sure hard to bend though.  I found my dress at the thrift store and picked some woodland colors from my vast collection of tights to stretch over the coat hangers.  I added some leaves and twigs and I was done!  My favorite part was the crown, because, what girl doesn’t want to wear a crown everyday.  As for Cohen, he likes to keep Halloween costumes traditional.  He thought everyone should either be a pumpkin, a witch, vampire, or a ghost!  So he chose to be a pumpkin, and did not want to take his costume, even the hat, off!  

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! 

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust