Dec 6, 2013

2013 Christmas Wishlist!

Basically I just need something from Anthropologie.  For the record, it would be so helpful if everyone I knew made a Christmas list!  I feel like I am a terrible gifter, and if each person made a list it would really help me out!  I really didn’t even need a list this year, just “something from Anthropologie” has been my “what would you like?” response.  So why the sudden obsession?  I have always been in love with going to store, and being surrounded by its hand crafted, cozy beautifulness, but they put me overboard when they sent me the December lookbook in the mail.  I have been in love with a couple of lookbooks before this one.  Ruche’s “Under the Tuscan Sun” summer lookbook, based on a summer romance in Tuscany,  changed the way I dressed forever.  I still go back and look at it from time to time and when summer comes around I pull those pieces I ordered from storage they give me that same special feeling as when I first viewed them online in the book.  Then, last Valentines Day, Free People came out with their February lookbook that was about a French girl falling in love with an American boy, and their short time together, and I fell in love with it and all of the clothes she wore!  However, I didn’t get anything from that lookbook.  I’m not tall enough to pull any of it off.  And now, this new lookbook from Anthropologie is about sisters all coming home for Christmas and...the beautiful clothes they were along the way.  After carrying the book around with me everywhere I went (for three days) and double circling everything I wanted (just for fun), I wanted to share some of my favorites!  

After all, tis the season for wishing.  

1. Monogrammed Mug  On sale today! (C please!)  2.  Jovian Pumps, so so in love, sz 7
3. Hedgehog Measuring Cups  4.  Amaretto Necklace (its on backorder but I could wait!)
4.  Rock Crystal Bracelet I could wear with EVERYTHING
5.  This jacket is perfection. sz 8
6.  I love how cozy this little infinity scarf is, and the perfect pink. 
7.  I can’t stop obsessing about this dang cardigan, ask everyone. sz M.
8.  I want a weekender so bad, and this one has me drooling. 

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