Mar 9, 2014

Now That You’re in the World

 I wrote these two journal entries two weeks after Elliot was born, one to him, and one to his big brother, Cohen.  

Dear Elliot,  
You arrived two weeks and one day ago and I already can’t imagine life without your sweet face.  At 8:33 AM you were born and when they held you up to show you to me, I was so proud. You were perfect, handsome, and so small.  I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms  Once you were bathed and handed to me, I didn't want to let you go, and I still prefer to hold you every second I get.  I’ll admit I love having you to myself, even getting jealous when Daddy holds you for too long,  I just want you in my arms as much as possible.  The right to hold you, call you mine, and take care of you is so precious to me.  I love that you still fit in your newborn onesies.  I love when you briefly open your little eyes to look at me between your many naps, and I love all of the silly faces you make.  Your calmness soothes me.  Quiet moments like 5 AM when you are awake wanting to eat, and it feels like we are the only ones in world.  Or when you are having your bath and can be so soothed by the water, and your fresh Johnson and Johnson baby lotion scent after, heaven.  You make my heart smile all day long, and I am proud every time I look at you.  I want to soak in every moment of your newborn goodness, but also can’t wait to watch you grow, to be the one who gets to put you to sleep each night and listen to your little prayers.  I am so lucky to be the mother of such a happy healthy boy, who fills my heart with love every second of the day.  We are all thrilled you are finally here, you are so very loved.
Love, Mommy

                                                                       Dear Cohen, 
Well we are adjusting quite well aren’t we?  You recently gained a new brother and you are making life so easy by being your lovable self.  You are being so kind to Elliot and are always willing to help me around the house.  You are the best at throwing his tiny dirty diapers in the trash, seriously that helps me out a lot.  :).  You are so special to me, each day you amaze me by your intelligence and imagination.  You have quite a personality, so enjoyable and fun loving.  You fill the house with your laughter, your songs, and your super hero adventures.  You are thoughtful and polite, and I can’t get enough of our time together.  Your sweet little voice melts my heart, everything you say sounds like bells.  Since we brought Elliot home, I have been missing you sneaking into our bed late at night and snuggling up next to me, your little arm around me, and waking up to your sleepy voice asking if I am awake and if I had good dreams.  You somehow know you must stay in your big boy bed now, and although its so nice of you to do it, it kinds of breaks me heart that those days are already over.  But lately when I wake up I can hear you in your bed softly singing songs with a sleepy voice, and it makes me smile.  I can’t wait to go get you up and ready and begin our day together.  You make me so proud and bring so much joy to our lives.  You are such a beautiful boy and there are moments when I look at you and think, “this is what heaven feels like.”  I love you so much, 
Love Mommy

Here are a few special moments from Elliot’s birthday  :)

 I’m glad I finally found a second to introduce our Elliot on the blog, now back to cuddling time! How wonderful life is, now that you’re in the world.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust