Apr 28, 2014

Shop Where I Shop: Special Discount Code to Ruche

 Everyone usually knows the answer before they even ask, “Where did you get that?”  The answer is almost always RUCHE!  Shopruche.com that is.  I am a proud Ruchette and guest editor on their blog, which is full of pretty daily inspirations.  My favorite thing about being a Ruchette is having their amazingly adorable lookbooks as inspiration.  I love the way they pair feminine pieces, vintage looks, textures and pretty patterns, to achieve outfits that are sophisticated, yet casual and attainable.  It’s what I wear, it’s a part of my life, it makes me feel myself, and pretty, and it is affordable.  I am happy to announce that Ruche is giving my readers a special 15% coupon code, so you can go grab what speaks your name at Shopruche.com.  It’s where I got the adorable spring skirt seen on my last post (and below).  They have so many pretty Spring things, like that amazing purse in the photo above.  

Code: BLOGGER15  
Valid 4/28-5/2 11:59 PM PDT
(excludes Bridal and Sale categories)

Cassidy Top and Skirt (SHOPRUCHE.COM)
Cohen-Vintage Outfit (Blossom Antiques) Shoes (TOMs)

Photo credit: Shopruche.com
Happy Shopping!
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Easter Sunday 2014

Easter 2014:  It was the perfect spring day, the most pleasant weather conditions for Easter egg hunting and being outdoors.  The kind of weather that isn’t too hot or cold, just perfect, with trees full of blooms and birds chirping.  Just perfect.  The boys woke up to their Easter baskets that morning and Cohen took his time opening each egg and inspecting the prizes inside, as Elliot stretched out on the rug next to him snuggling the baby lamb the Easter bunny brought him.  I was so excited to put them in their vintage church outfits.  Me and Cohen had went shopping downtown in all of the antique stores until we found an outfit just his size.  It ended up being only $7 and Elliot’s outfit was purchased off of Instagram for $8.  As for me, this was the first Easter I didn’t buy a new dress.  I actually decided to wear the oldest dress I own!  I purchased this blue floral dress from Charlotte Russe 6 years ago.  I paired it with one of my favorite Ruche tops and one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet, my Minnie Swedish Hasbeens.  The only thing that went wrong, and broke my heart a little bit, was that Cohen’s vintage black and white oxfords didn’t fit him, like they had a week ago when I last tried them on him.  He was supposed to wear them with his white knee socks and we had no other shoes that went with this outfit, and the Toms were the best choice after that.  :(  
The day went quickly after the morning.  Church was great and Cohen got to listen to what Easter was really all about.  After church we went to Aunt Betts house for Easter dinner and egg hunting.  His aunt Kyli put foil around some eggs so that he could unwrap surprise eggs that he loves so much, and Uncle Jud hid an egg just for him that had $20 dollars inside!  After lots of yummy food and a basket full of eggs, we drove back home and had another egg hunt and dinner at with Cam’s family!  It was a beautiful day filled with family and I will never forget it.  Busy, busy, busy, it was the kind of day when you wish their were more than 24 hours. 

 Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Apr 25, 2014

Cohen’s Superhero Party

 Every time I saw I want to have a small birthday party, I am quickly reminded there is no such thing as soon as I start to make the guest list.  This kid is so loved by our big supportive family, that a small party is just not going to exist for us.  I feel so grateful for that love.  His face as everyone sang him happy birthday was so happy, I will always remember it.  This was the first birthday that he understood the hype about turning another year old.  It includes presents and a cake and candles, and most important, the happy birthday song!  He loved his superhero decorations and cupcakes.  The days of me planning cutesy perfectly planned themed partys might be done when it comes to Cohen.   Cam went all out to plan his decor all by himself, superhero comics and movies are one of his many passions.  He has taught Cohen who every superhero is and what their powers are.  Cohen even knows all of their villains and theme songs.  This party, was simple, perfect, and all about Cohen.  Oh, yea, he got plenty of surprise eggs to open as presents, all of his grandparents knew exactly what he wanted.  He got a cash register so we can play store, and a bunch of superhero guys. We had superhero masks, cupcakes, and pizza, everything he loves.  The next day he went to Chuckie Cheese and the day after Aunt Kaykin (Katelyn) and Dan took him to meet Thomas the Train and rode on him! That is the birthday weekend of a three year olds dreams!

 I think three is going to be such a great year.  This morning he asked me if I was making him breakfast, and I said of course.  He said, “thats real nice mama.”  How sweet.  I love him more than words can say.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Apr 24, 2014

Milestones for Cohen: First Haircut

Around his 3rd birthday we took Cohen to have his first salon haircut.  I was referred to the salon, The Moxie, by my sister in law.  She said the stylist had kids so it made me feel comfortable that he was used to giving kids haircuts.  I also wanted someone with an edgier style who I feel would understand what we wanted.  When we walked in I loved the vibe of the space, I think the retro yellow chairs sum that up.  The stylist, Brad, ended up saying he thought Cohen’s hair was beautiful long just needed some shaping up, which I then let out a sign of relief because that’s just what I had in mind.  Baby steps for this sentimental mama.  Plus, I love long hair on little boys.  Cohen impressed me by sitting in the chair, almost as still as one might hope, and took direction pretty well.  He wasn’t scared, and I could tell he found the experience fun and wouldn’t be scared to go back, which we already need to do!    Wouldn’t you know I forgot to take a photo of the finished product?  Oops, but trust me, it looked great, finally out of his eyes.

Tonight its so nice to be home.  I mean, I am usually always home these days, but tonight is a particularly nice night to just be home.  Don’t get me wrong, it has its tricky moments.  Like Cohen requesting biscuits and gravy, which I am all about, but its tricky because he has been helping me cook dinners lately, and he doesn’t understand why he can’t stand on his stool next the bacon as its frying.  He was so upset even though I kept telling him the popping grease would burn him.  And Elliot crying and I can’t get to him because this gravy making business is a very involved process. (Cam is off recording tonight, or else Elliot would not cry because he was being held, that is seriously the only reason he cries.)  I am making my moms bacon gravy which is the only gravy I have ever really loved.  Everyone else seems to make sausage gravy instead.  I always think of the movie, The Help when I fry bacon.  When Minnie says, “Frying chicken tends to make you feel better about life.”  I always say that in my head but substitute chicken for bacon, although I love some fried chicken as well.   My favorite part of the biscuit and gravy making process is dipping a piece of crispy bacon in the gravy to test it.  Its always the most delicious bite.  But tonight it is nice to be home, the babies, the biscuits and gravy, the American Idol results that are about to come on, and finding a minute to blog, because it seriously makes me so happy.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust