Apr 25, 2014

Cohen’s Superhero Party

 Every time I saw I want to have a small birthday party, I am quickly reminded there is no such thing as soon as I start to make the guest list.  This kid is so loved by our big supportive family, that a small party is just not going to exist for us.  I feel so grateful for that love.  His face as everyone sang him happy birthday was so happy, I will always remember it.  This was the first birthday that he understood the hype about turning another year old.  It includes presents and a cake and candles, and most important, the happy birthday song!  He loved his superhero decorations and cupcakes.  The days of me planning cutesy perfectly planned themed partys might be done when it comes to Cohen.   Cam went all out to plan his decor all by himself, superhero comics and movies are one of his many passions.  He has taught Cohen who every superhero is and what their powers are.  Cohen even knows all of their villains and theme songs.  This party, was simple, perfect, and all about Cohen.  Oh, yea, he got plenty of surprise eggs to open as presents, all of his grandparents knew exactly what he wanted.  He got a cash register so we can play store, and a bunch of superhero guys. We had superhero masks, cupcakes, and pizza, everything he loves.  The next day he went to Chuckie Cheese and the day after Aunt Kaykin (Katelyn) and Dan took him to meet Thomas the Train and rode on him! That is the birthday weekend of a three year olds dreams!

 I think three is going to be such a great year.  This morning he asked me if I was making him breakfast, and I said of course.  He said, “thats real nice mama.”  How sweet.  I love him more than words can say.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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