Apr 28, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Easter 2014:  It was the perfect spring day, the most pleasant weather conditions for Easter egg hunting and being outdoors.  The kind of weather that isn’t too hot or cold, just perfect, with trees full of blooms and birds chirping.  Just perfect.  The boys woke up to their Easter baskets that morning and Cohen took his time opening each egg and inspecting the prizes inside, as Elliot stretched out on the rug next to him snuggling the baby lamb the Easter bunny brought him.  I was so excited to put them in their vintage church outfits.  Me and Cohen had went shopping downtown in all of the antique stores until we found an outfit just his size.  It ended up being only $7 and Elliot’s outfit was purchased off of Instagram for $8.  As for me, this was the first Easter I didn’t buy a new dress.  I actually decided to wear the oldest dress I own!  I purchased this blue floral dress from Charlotte Russe 6 years ago.  I paired it with one of my favorite Ruche tops and one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet, my Minnie Swedish Hasbeens.  The only thing that went wrong, and broke my heart a little bit, was that Cohen’s vintage black and white oxfords didn’t fit him, like they had a week ago when I last tried them on him.  He was supposed to wear them with his white knee socks and we had no other shoes that went with this outfit, and the Toms were the best choice after that.  :(  
The day went quickly after the morning.  Church was great and Cohen got to listen to what Easter was really all about.  After church we went to Aunt Betts house for Easter dinner and egg hunting.  His aunt Kyli put foil around some eggs so that he could unwrap surprise eggs that he loves so much, and Uncle Jud hid an egg just for him that had $20 dollars inside!  After lots of yummy food and a basket full of eggs, we drove back home and had another egg hunt and dinner at with Cam’s family!  It was a beautiful day filled with family and I will never forget it.  Busy, busy, busy, it was the kind of day when you wish their were more than 24 hours. 

 Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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