Apr 24, 2014

Milestones for Cohen: First Haircut

Around his 3rd birthday we took Cohen to have his first salon haircut.  I was referred to the salon, The Moxie, by my sister in law.  She said the stylist had kids so it made me feel comfortable that he was used to giving kids haircuts.  I also wanted someone with an edgier style who I feel would understand what we wanted.  When we walked in I loved the vibe of the space, I think the retro yellow chairs sum that up.  The stylist, Brad, ended up saying he thought Cohen’s hair was beautiful long just needed some shaping up, which I then let out a sign of relief because that’s just what I had in mind.  Baby steps for this sentimental mama.  Plus, I love long hair on little boys.  Cohen impressed me by sitting in the chair, almost as still as one might hope, and took direction pretty well.  He wasn’t scared, and I could tell he found the experience fun and wouldn’t be scared to go back, which we already need to do!    Wouldn’t you know I forgot to take a photo of the finished product?  Oops, but trust me, it looked great, finally out of his eyes.

Tonight its so nice to be home.  I mean, I am usually always home these days, but tonight is a particularly nice night to just be home.  Don’t get me wrong, it has its tricky moments.  Like Cohen requesting biscuits and gravy, which I am all about, but its tricky because he has been helping me cook dinners lately, and he doesn’t understand why he can’t stand on his stool next the bacon as its frying.  He was so upset even though I kept telling him the popping grease would burn him.  And Elliot crying and I can’t get to him because this gravy making business is a very involved process. (Cam is off recording tonight, or else Elliot would not cry because he was being held, that is seriously the only reason he cries.)  I am making my moms bacon gravy which is the only gravy I have ever really loved.  Everyone else seems to make sausage gravy instead.  I always think of the movie, The Help when I fry bacon.  When Minnie says, “Frying chicken tends to make you feel better about life.”  I always say that in my head but substitute chicken for bacon, although I love some fried chicken as well.   My favorite part of the biscuit and gravy making process is dipping a piece of crispy bacon in the gravy to test it.  Its always the most delicious bite.  But tonight it is nice to be home, the babies, the biscuits and gravy, the American Idol results that are about to come on, and finding a minute to blog, because it seriously makes me so happy.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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