May 24, 2014

A Walk to the Post

 Sometimes it feels like our days go by so fast, and I think it’s important to try and make each day with my boys count.  I wish I could fit in everything I want to do with them into one day, to make the day as full as possible.  In the dream scenario we would have arts and crafts time daily, a daily walk, I would have time to make us juice, time to just sit and let him play inside, and even time to snuggle up together to quietly watch Peppa Pig.  Somedays we can do it all but more often than that we are lucky to get half of those activities in, although him playing outside daily has become a set in stone routine because he makes sure of it.  The thing that is most important to me is setting time to just talk to him and engage him for a full conversation where I can give him all of my attention.  To answer his questions, to pretend with him, and to watch the new dance and song he came up with and wants to show me.  This usually has to be when Elliot is napping!  In an effort to encourage curiosity and learning, I try and find time every day to teach Cohen about a random topic.  It’s so easy to remember to do this because a topic usually comes to us organically in reaction to something that happened during the day.  On a stormy day, I taught him all about the weather and pulled up Youtube videos on our big Tv through our Apple Tv and I showed him tornadoes, lightning, thunder, and snow.  He talked about that for a whole week. We learn about where different kinds of animals live, about healthy and unhealthy food, how plants grow, colors, and everything that sparks his imagination that day.  Having visual aids through the iPad and Apple Tv really help him understand and visualize it all.  This week, I opened my Instagram shop and we were getting lots of packages in the mail from my own Instagram shopping, so I taught him all about the mail and the post office.  I let him go check the mail that day and open the package we received, and answered all of his questions about who had brought him this present to our door and just left.  I had a package to return so I decided to take the boys on a walk to the post office and show him where all of the mail comes from.  Cohen was so excited about our little field trip and that he would get to search for muddy puddles along the way as it had rained the whole day before.  It was Elliot’s first walk downtown and his eyes were darting back and forth to all there was to see along the way.  I know our post office workers really well since I always am sending off photo cds, so they were nice enough to let me walk around for a while teaching him about the mail.  The whole experience felt so Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and it was a fun way to teach him about something new.  The photo’s above are from inside our friendly neighborhood post office.  It was built in 1893 and is just about a 5 minute walk from my house.  Look’s pretty haunted, doesn’t it?
Our downtown, still looks the same as it did back then, just minus all of the pretty vintage cars. 

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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