May 5, 2014

A Surprise Party!

What is more magical than getting surprised by your loved ones throwing you a party?  I had a surprise party thrown for me last year, and the look on my face was captured on camera, and it was priceless.  I wanted to throw my mom a surprise 50th birthday party, and it just had to be a Fiesta.  Not only is her birthday one day before Cinco de Mayo, good Mexican food is what she lives for.  Her snack of choice all of her life has been tostada’s, and if you ever ask her where she wants to go eat, she will tell you Mexican.  My mother in law tells me stories about going over to my moms house as a teenager and mom making tostada’s for her!  So, me and my sister, and Mom’s husband Tony, secretly plotted and planned what we wanted to be the perfect Fiesta party for our mother.  My sister took the reigns for this party planning, going shopping nearly everyday for supplies, and probably getting to know all of the World Market employees by name.  She stayed up late at night with the help of Kyli and Bett making the pretty paper flowers we put everywhere and painting the terra cotta candles pretty colors.  We live an hour apart so daily we would text and send photos of our ideas.  Katelyn wanted white tablecloths with colorful flowers for decor.  Katelyn decorations looked beautiful.  Especially the paper flowers she made.  I wanted my uncles to dress as a Mariachi band and sing songs to her, which they agreed to do because they love her so much!  Three original songs were played for her and it was great entertainment for the night.  Uncle Charlie, in his best Spanish accent, had us all laughing with his jokes and Pico de Gallo song.  He made her tear up in his song about her being born, 1964.  My aunt Louvette made the beautiful cake and helped us plan a menu and cook.  Katelyn and I spent the morning of her party at her house with Kyli and Aunt Gloria rolling enchiladas and chopping and cutting taco toppings.  The food was so great.  Katelyn even cooked made to order sopapillas for dessert for everyone!  Cameron built the Photo Booth for me and I had so much fun taking everyone’s photos in front of it.  My Aunt Donna and Uncle Daryl let us have the party at their house, and their family helped a very panicky Cassidy and Katelyn as we tried to set up in time! It really was a family effort!  
The best moment was watching my mom walk up to her party.  She was so sweet and so surprised, it made me and Katelyn tear up.  She looked beautiful in the dress we got for her especially for the party, which she thought she was wearing to go out and eat Mexican food with us that night.  We were so happy that we had pulled it off and surprised her, and that we could show her how much she means to us.  Mom got a beautiful pearl ring from her husband Tony and many other thoughtful gifts from guests.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, especially Mom.  

Mom, I hope you have an amazing birthday tomorrow.  I hope you feel our love for you and reflect on all of the happy memories you have had in your life.  You have three children who adore you, and two grandsons to make many new memories with.  They are so lucky to have you as their Grandmother and I know you will have so many wonderful adventures with them that they will cherish forever.  We love you so much!  Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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