May 1, 2014

Dressing Boys & Shopping On Instagram

 I love dressing my boys in a mixture of classic vintage and neutral modern pieces.  I love attention to detail, like wooden shirt buttons, and unique finds, like his vintage play overalls.  I love the boyish embroideries, like choo choo trains and trucks.  Going thrifting for boys clothes is so much fun because it is unbelievably easy to find pieces like these.

Now a-days its hard for me to get out of the house so I have been thrifting via Instagram.  My sister in law introduced it to me and I just love it.  It is so easy to shop for your kids and everything is cheap and usually ships quickly.  I got Elliot’s Easter outfit from an IG shop for $8!  And it was in perfect condition!  To shop on IG all you have to do is follow a shop and when they post something you like, be the first to leave your email address that is associated with your Paypal account.  Paypal is the easiest and safest way to pay for things online, it makes shopping almost toooo easy.  But setting up your Paypal account is super easy so go to and set one up if you haven’t yet!  So after you leave your email, the shop owner will send you an invoice to your email, you open it, click a link to Paypal, log in, and pay!  Sooo simple.  I am not in any way getting sponsored by an IG shop or Paypal, I just want to share the wealth with readers if they don’t know about this already!  Below I will leave a list of shops I follow and that have bought from.  If you follow them they will often share other shops so you can go exploring and find lots of shops to follow, and then, just hop up and down every day as the mailman comes and delivers you your goodies everyday!

A lot of girls are selling their own clothes on IG too.  For the past couple weeks, I have been adding outfit post photos to my future IG shop for this blog!  It’s not done yet, but as soon as it’s open I will let you know.  I need to get some followers first and then I will sell ton’s of vintage and pretty gently worn clothing that I have blogged about!  Last week I stayed up all night posting my blog outfits to the page, and I will link an article of clothing I sell back to that photo so you can see how I styled it and how it fits on me, it is so very helpful to see clothing on someone!  So I will let you know when that happens but if you want to follow and get a head start checking out the future goods my user name is @thingslikeskeletonkeys.  :)  All shop policies can be found on the first post, but I might make changes the closer I get to opening.  I’m new at this so I will be starting off slow!

Here are some great KIDS shops to start off with!
@theindie_bay (where Elliot’s Easter outfit is from)

Happy IG shopping!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


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