May 28, 2014

Little Lovelies Shop

Proud Mama Post! I entered Cohen in a brand rep contest for Little Lovelies shop and he was selected as the only boy, and boy was I proud.  We felt lucky because of all of the beautiful competition.  But I think he was the right choice because look at this kid rocking this hat!  I was worried he wouldn’t wear it for long but it must have been comfortable because he didn’t even try to take it off, and it stayed on while he was running around playing frisbee after we took some photos.  I never thought of buying him a fedora hat to wear, but sometimes we don’t know how great something can look until we try it on, and I think he looks quite cute in them!  I started to warm up to them when Sam Wolff on AI was wearing them all of time, he was one of my favorites, and they always looked really cool on him.  Since Cohen is a brand rep now we want to send everyone shopping for kids to the great store it came from!  It is called Little Lovelies and you can find a lot of great trendy girl and boy clothing and accessories!  I love finding new small shops and supporting the mama’s who run them and their families.  There is also something for mama’s there as well.  It’s such a great community and I love that so many mothers are finding ways to make money and still be home with their children.  Creativity is in and I love what I am seeing from everyone’s wheels turning!  P.S. This might be my favorite photo shoot I’ve ever done with him, I just can’t pick a favorite photo from all of these! He is, a ridiculously cool kid.

Shop his look:
Cloth: Zarababy   Moccs: Freshly Picked   Hat: Little Lovelies

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  1. Cute post! May I ask where the little drum is from? I have been looking for the perfect one for my almost 3 yr old, his birthday is coming up and this would make a lovely gift. :-) Thank you!

    1. Sure! Here is the link

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