May 6, 2014

Mothers Day Ideas

1. A charming sun hat for days at the park with the littles (this one from Modcloth) or (Anthroplogie
2. A pretty spring dress or Gift Card to one of her favorite stores (dress 1, dress 2, dress 3)
3.  Prints of her children or grandchildren, I love these that print directly from Instagram (InstaThis)
4.  A camera bag that can carry several lenses and a flash, for the photographer mama. (ONA)
5. Spa package or a trip to the hair salon (always a winner)

Here are a few thoughtful suggestions if you don’t have many funds!  Your Mom doesn’t want you breaking the bank to get her a gift.  She will love a special homemade breakfast, spending time with you watching a movie, going through old family photo albums together, a bouquet of wild flowers, framed photos of your family, and cleaning up your room (if you still live with her) or any help around the house for that matter!  I would even consider the cleaning of the fridge a proper Mothers Day gift! Anything that shows her that you care.

To me May is the most cheerful month.  There are plans beginning to be in the works for vacations, promises of perfectly temperatured days at the park,  and no real pressure to be tan yet.  My peachy complexion still looks presentable against all of the pretty floral prints I am drawn too, and the sunshine gives me an excuse to wear as many straw sun hats as possible.  This was a fun list to put together and helped me get an idea of what I will be getting my Mom.  

Today will be spent making taking care of my boys, which is the greatest gift I could ever receive.  Getting to snuggle them all day is priceless.  Its a quiet morning here and we are just now getting around to breakfast.  Listening to Elliot’s little snores and Cohen narrating a scene between Superman and Hulk is such a calm morning scene to start the day with.  With all the quietness of having the TV turned off more lately has brought the importance of those little sounds to my attention more and more.  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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