May 12, 2014

Pennsylvania Trip

 I’m so glad I can finally talk about my trip to Pennsylvania.  I was keeping it a surprise from my bestest friend Sara, who’s husband Jeff had invited me up for to see her RN pinning and to come to her party.  I hadn’t seen her in over a year, and was longing to show her my Elliot and to spend time with her Maybelline.  

Riding on the plane with a newborn baby had its tricky moments, but overall he was a sleepy guy for the whole trip.  I am aware of airports lack of places to nurse your baby, but other than that, and them patting me down when my hands tested positive for explosive residue, (???) I think I handled the traveling mama thing like a pro.  One airport assistant guy was shocked that I was by myself. “So, its just you.  No one to help you with that (my baby).  No one is with you?  You are all alone?  Do you have formula in this bag?  Because we need to know that.”  Me-“no.”  Him again looking confused, “then how are you going to feed your baby?”  Me and the lady in front of me exchanged baffled faces. 

Jeff picked me up from the airport and then after a little getting fixed up, it was time to go to the location of her nursing pinning.  She didn’t know I was there until all of the nursing grads were walking in a line to take their seats, and I’ll never forget the look on her face, which was perfectly captured in the second photo by her niece.  I started crying and so did she, and I was so glad I was there for that moment.  

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating her huge accomplishment.  We all went to dinner that night and I got to know all of her amazing friends, who love her so much.  We all stayed up talking that night, and then Saturday was filled with making memories and fresh new inside jokes, Sara showing me around town, taking me to lunch and to see the very old duplex her in-laws are restoring, and pedicures.  Her party was that night and so many of her friends and relatives came to celebrate.  I have known her family for years and it was great catching up, laughing, and dancing with everyone.  

Elliot had a great time being my only concern.  He smiled so much, and was loved on by all of Sara’s friends and their daughters, especially Sara’s Maybelline.  He had a great vacation just him and his Mommy.

Sara, I am so proud of you.  You went to school and were raising two kids at the same time, all the while being an amazing wife to your husband and friend to all of those great women.  You do so much and live such a full life, and I am so happy for you!  Plus, your new forever home is incredible.  
I wish I could live close so we could make dinners for each others families, watch hours of Property Brothers and House Hunters, go get pedicures, and watch our babies play together everyday, but I will remember this weekend forever.  Thank you for always being there, I love you!  Oh yea, and you better watch Beaches like I told you too and then tell me how much you cried.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

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