May 29, 2014

Red Scare Robot

My husband writes music.  In fact, he is pretty amazingly talented at  writing music.  It is his passion, and besides his family, it is his reason for living.  If you know Cameron, you know this is true. Before our first date, I did what anybody would do and quickly scanned his Facebook page for clues about the person I was about to meet.  After seeing some photos with guitars and him screaming into microphones, and reviewing his favorite bands under his interests (all who I had never heard of and now are some of my favorites) I knew he must be a musician.  Then I read his about me section that simply said, "Music is my life. I know a lot of people say that, but it really is the most important thing in my life.” Well it was pretty close to that, I don’t even think that section exists in the present Facebook profiles, this was after all 4 years ago.  His passion and knowledge of music was so interesting to me, and he has shown me so much beautiful music that I would have honestly never found for myself.  He is always listening out for something new I might like.  After a couple of weeks of dating him, he had written his first song for me.  I thought it was a lie because of how fast he came up with it and how good it was.  Now, 4 years later I have listened to maybe 100 new songs he has written.  He always asks me what I think and I’m always amazed at his lyrics.  This guy can write some lyrics.  He mostly writes very thoughtful indie folk songs that originate from something going on in our lives or even a movie we just watched.  This past year, he has been working very hard on his new band with Dakota, Red Scare Robot.  It’s so different than his usual songs, he and Dakota combine their styles to make some awesome music that is hard for people to put in any kind of category, and people they love to put you in a category.  But this is what I can tell you about Red Scare Robot.  It is upbeat, motivating, it’s relatable, it’s about relationships. and it’s inspired by our truth, oh and our kids love listening to it (its the only thing that stops them from crying on long car rides!).  There is so much work, hope, and feeling behind this project.  You can tell when you listen how happy music makes these guys.  His words are very meaningful to me, because I know exactly what these songs are about.  They give me insight into the way he is feeling when he can’t express it.  I think other people can moved by it too.  Cameron always wants to show other people things he is excited about.  He is always showing his friends, family, and me movie trailers, new inventions coming out, new bands, news, new devices, anything and everything.  His Dad is this same way.  Most every new band we listen too is discovered by him or his dad.  Cameron is the same way about his songs, he just wants you to listen, because, its pretty great!!  So take a listen, they are getting radio play on a few stations and are now on rotation on Rdio and can be purchased on iTunes.  I am proud of how hard he works, how brave he is,  and I am excited to see where this journey could take us! 

Give it a listen!  My favorite is “Won’t Give Up”, its about his Dad. 
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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust 

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