Jun 1, 2014

Sunday Style-The Compton's

It’s been a long time since I felt comfortable enough to do a Sunday Style post, but today, I felt like I should take the plunge again.  My guys all looked so dapper today, I just had to show them off.  As for me, my pretty new dress gave me the confidence I needed to get in front of the camera again.  I have some getting back in shape to do before I feel as confident as I felt before, but when you are wearing clothes that fit you perfectly it helps making you feel a little more comfortable in your skin.  I had this dress custom made for me courtesy of Eshakti, an online store that I will be reviewing for you this week.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in a dress that was made for my exact measurements, this was how it used to be done back in the olden days!  I mean, the olden olden olden days, you know, the days I was supposed to be born in.

Today at Church my nephew Caspian was blessed.  He is only three weeks younger than our Elliot.  We have so many babies in our family that when they all are in the same room it can be pretty distracting, the noise and all, oh and the cuteness too.  Goodness I am about to fall asleep while writing this.  It is time for a good Sunday nap!  The second we got home for church we had to clean up ants, they were everywhere!  They were desperately trying to break into our honey and apparently needed an army to try and get the job done.  Luckily we put an end to that in the nick of time.  They already broke into our peanut butter even though I sealed it so tight I needed the jaws of life to pry it back open.  How??

We are wearing-
Cas-Dress c/o Eshakti Shoes-Swedish Hasbeens Bracelet-Anthropologie
Cohen-Zarababy and Saltwaters
Cam-pants from Gap and Clarks