Nov 30, 2015

Dear Santa: A Very Compton Christmas List

I've loved making Christmas wish lists ever since I was a kid, in hopes of getting even one of the mentioned goodies! I usually do one for just me so the husband will have some hints, but this year I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things my family would love as well.

I spotted this key necklace while browsing Anthropologie the other day and fell in love, I've been looking for a necklace with a key, but its hard to find one that doesn't look cheap, this one is just beautiful in person. The rest of my little list is mostly about beauty, since being pregnant has me dreaming of all things pampering. Obsessed with Fresh Sugar products and everything they make, and my lips are in need of some love during this winter weather.  I've wanted a Clarisonic cleansing brush for years now, for someone obsessed with exfoliation as much as I am, this is the dream.  Last is this perfume I fell in love with English Rose by Royal Apothic, this one of rose petals and  grapefruit is made more soft by notes of vanilla orchid, so so dreamy.

Cam is passionate about many things right now, including comics and pinball.  He is wishing for some comfortable shoes for future pinball tournaments, and the new balance seems to be the official shoe of pinball players.  He always is looking at these comic encyclopedias whenever we go to the book store, and I know he and the boys would love looking though it together.  I also put a cologne that I would love to get him, I have become obsessed with men's fragrance as I am trying to find him the perfect one, and this one by YSL is on the top of my list!

The boys are always trying to play with the guitars in the house, so I thought it would be great if they had their own!  Cohen loves this one from The Land of Nod.  Cohen needs more superhero stuff around his room, and I love this hanging rack I found on Etsy to hang his stuff from.  He also is obsessed with measuring stuff and having me check his height.  I thought this wooden hand burned growth chart would be a wonderful family heirloom, that we could mark on and bring with us if ever we move.  Of course Cohen is obsessed with all things play doh.  Elliot is obsessed with all things Team Umizumi, he would watch that show all day if he could.  Also he says the word "batman" about 100 times day, and loves finding batman symbols, so this cozy batman sweater would be perfect for him.  He also loves these cozy moccs from freshly picked, so comfy for his fat feet!

Aug 23, 2015

Family Vacation: Panama City Beach

I just wasn't made for the beach.  I'm fair, and to tan is to damage my skin beyond repair.  My eyelashes and eyebrows are nonexistent after the first wave hits my face, and I just look like I don't belong there, in that environment.  Like I was biologically not built to withstand any tropical climate.  Like I just look like I'm in pain just standing there on the beach.  

Then there is the issue of my chest.  I can never find a swimsuit that fits me up top and I feel like I am always popping out everywhere.  I do have this one bikini top from Victoria's secret, that was made in my exact bra size, except for it does this ridiculous push up thing that makes me look like I am trying to show them off, and I really just feel uncomfortable with how out there they are, or I should say, up there, they are.  I just feel not family friendly or something, even though I do not even feel all that attractive anymore in a swimsuit because I haven't exercised in about 2 years now, except for toting around a baby constantly for 18 months.

When I picture a woman that was made for the beach, I picture Mila Kunis.  She could completely be unprepared, and get in a bikini on a whim, and dive right in the water, and emerge looking even more attractive somehow, with non disappearing brows and lashes, and in any swimsuit top of her choice.  And her skin looks better with some sun, unlike mine, that just looks like it hurts.  But I don't envy her really, she is biologically meant for that beach life, I'm more of a Rose from Titanic kind of girl. Or any Jane Austin character.  Just let me roam around the mild rainy countryside in my long dress that extenuates all of my best features and an umbrella to protect me from the suns harsh rays because non suntanned skin is considered beautiful. I swear I am not meant for these days, or to go to the beach in the dead of summer. 

That doesn't stop my love for vacationing there at least once a year.  I lather up millions of times a day in sunscreen, put on the most uncomfortable one piece, that takes a circus act to get out of when wet, put a huge hat on my head, and head on out.  Because there on the beach I get to watch these beautiful boys experience it all, with so much life and energy and wonderment.  Their shiny blue eyes against the background of the white sand is breathtaking to me.  The salty breeze working its magic texture on their golden hair, their skin slightly bronzed and sun kissed. Cohen always concentrating on constructing some form in the sand, always wanting us to come see, and to help, and staying clear of the water. Then there is opposite Elliot and his daring personality, throwing himself into the waves, splashing and laughing, kicking and kicking when it is time to leave, and of course, waddling around in his little striped speedo shorts and floppy hat.  It all makes me forget how uncomfortable I am.  I crave the beach all year, but I really think I am an off season beach kind of girl. Regardless of my issues, we had the funnest time this past week.  I've been to Panama City Beach almost every summer of my life since I was born.  It's one of my favorite places, so much nostalgia, so much good there, that has lasted decades. And such a lovely lovely beach.  This year I spent more time than ever swimming in the ocean, the water was the prefect gentleness and temperature, it was hard to get out.  We played miniature golf a record three times, and of course Cohen has been building creative miniature golf holes all around our house since we've been home, using broom handles as his club. My mom and stepfather made amazing meals for everyone all week, and we ate out at two hole in the wall places that were the best places we've ever been to there, and ate all of the oysters we could.  I almost made my goal of trying all of the ice-cream flavors from Kilwins, but I did practice some self control. I will say, I can highly recommend butter pecan, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel, cappuccino chocolate chip, turtle cheesecake, and of course, the cookie dough.  Yep, I did that, with some help from my husband.  The best beach tradition ever is going to Kilwins, its worth every pound I tell you.

I'm in love with these photo's of the boys, and I am so happy we made a little time to capture them at this age, in this summer of their lives. I hope to get images like these each summer at this beach, and look back over the years and watch them grow, and remember their toothy smiles and baby features and sunbleached highlights. We will see you next year Panama City, and hopefully every summer from here on out.  I'll bring the SPF 50.

Feb 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Elliot!

 It was so hard to choose my favorite photos of this birthday boy so here is way to0 many, but it is his birthday after all!  Happy birthday to my sweet Elliot Dasher.  I started with your first photo and ended with one I just took today on your first birthday.  Here is a little message I wrote to you as you were sleeping in my arms this morning.

 "one year ago our world was changed forever. elliot dasher compton was born in the early morning and he was so perfect and so so sweet. I still remember the first moments of skin to skin and the incredible bond I felt. I remember his amazing baby scent and long sleepy yawns. It was hard for me to even put him down the first couple of weeks! he loves to be carried, he loves to laugh, he loves attention, and he loves pop music. rambunctious is the perfect word to describe him! he will swipe a piece of food out of your hand and into his mouth before you can blink! he is wild, loud, fearless and determined. when I was praying and praying for another little boy to be a mama too, he was the answer to my prayer. so sleep as long as you want, I will keep running my hands through your soft hair and reflecting on all we have been through this year together, and feeling the weight of my love for you, and how I can be better for you. happy first birthday baby boy.”

This weekend we will be celebrating with family at a party at our home.  It will include his favorite things, top 40 songs, sweet potatoes, and all of his favorite folks.  I can’t wait to see him dive into his smash cake!
My mom has been sending me little video clips today from this day last year.  Me and Cameron as they are doing the surgery, where I am just smiling away, and of them cleaning Elliot and clearing out his airways in his first moments out of the womb.  They were such sweet moments to watch.  I just can’t believe it has already been a year.  This boy has certainly kept me busy and has filled my days than more cuddles and snuggles to last me a lifetime!  

Be looking out for pictures from his party soon to come! :) Its going to be simple and sweet, and all about this cute kid, Elliot Dasher.