Jan 29, 2015

Our Deal: Compton House

I recently attended a webinar class on networking and that is where I heard this wonderful sentence.  Blogging is dead.  Facebook is dead too.  Instagram is where its at.  There were statistics and such to prove why, but it made me giddy for two reasons. 1. I love instagram, big shocker from a photographer who’s favorite thing to do is take pictures all day long, I post often and treat it like a mini blog, a quicker, instant gratifying mini blog that takes one minute to complete at the most.  2. If blogging is dead then I can post on my dear blog whenever I have time, whenever I feel inspired, and to a much more small, and quiet community.  There is no worry to get sponsors or high numbers, and it doesn’t matter if I get comments, because even the big blogs complain that comments are getting fewer and fewer.  What this means for me is that I can keep journaling on here, in my lovely web space I have made for myself here, and continue to document my thoughts, our life, our memories, and that there is no pressure for it to be anything else.  Also, I made this resolution to journal/blog more this year, so lets begin.  
It has been a while since I gave any updates, so I want to start there, so you can get to know us a little better.  The last time I wrote Cameron was being sent away for work a lot and I was starting to lose my mind! But looking back on the craziness it makes me laugh, and makes me so thankful for our calm days now.  Elliot and Cohen are about to have birthdays, turning one and four, respectively.  My plan is to try get a photo of them up here once a week, and document what we’ve been up to and what our plans are.  I can’t believe how fast this year went by, and I am sad that I didn’t document it as well as I could of, well on IG I did an awesome job, here, not so much. 

Cohen’s Deal
Obsessed with opening surprises (playdoh eggs, mystery boxes, kinder surprise eggs) He builds surprises of all kinds around the house all day so we always have something to open.  He will put a superhero under a dome of pillows, or take his shirt off his back, put some toys inside and wrap it up, whatever he can think of!  I’m trying to incorporate that into his birthday party.  He has an amazing imagination, and he is so funny.  He likes making youtube videos for his egg surprises and mystery boxes, and his dad loves to help him with that.  He loves his cousins and his best friend is Jude, his cousin and next door neighbor, who is seven, and he wishes he could come over to our house all of the time. Cohen is so much fun to hang out with everyday. 
His Hair
Lots of people are hinting around that they would like to see it cut.  Even if they don’t say those words, I get the idea.  I never see his hair as an issue to be discussed but since it is in fact brought up so often, I will assure everyone concerned that he is about to get a trim, and we are not planning on it getting longer than it is in this photo! Others, like myself and my husband, and some family members,  think that it is amazing a beautiful, but we understand that combined with his angel face, his gender can be confusing upon first glance to strangers, no matter how decked out in batman gear he is lol.  Anyhow, I always get asked about this guys hair so that's the deal with that, and why it has its own subtitle.  Maybe all of our heads of hair should have their own subtitles. Done!
Cohen the Brave
Well, he is working on that.  He willingly slid down the new slide at grandparents and even got on the swing there.  We are making some progress!  I still don’t imagine he will be running towards the bouncy gyms any time soon. 

Elliot’s Deal
Here is the deal with Elliot.  ATTACHED< NEEDY< MAMAS BOY SCHREETCHER extraordinaire.  But we love him because he is awesome.  His personality is so intense.  When he is being happy he couldn’t be more fun, although he thinks that being still is the worst thing ever in this world.  He is getting a little bit more independent.  There might be thrifty minutes a day where he is not demanding to be held, and he will crawl like a lightning bold around the house searching for tasty objects to put in his mouth.  It takes me a really long time to change his diaper because he rolls around and thrashes like a thrashing baby shark fresh out of water.  He loves baths and splashing in the water! He nurses all day and loves to eat whatever we are eating.  His favorite is sweet potatoes, which happens to be my favorite at the time as well.  You would think I would be smaller and he would be bigger, but here we are.  I could stand to lose a few and everyone comments on how small he is lol.  He is the LIGHTEST sleeper ever, like me, while Old Rip Van Winkles, Cohen and Dadda can take numerous long naps a day. He loves Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and all of the Top 40 gang.
His Hair
Blonde and straight and nothing like Cohen’s was.  I love his soft hair and he enjoys having it brushed and trying to brush it himself.  I like combing it all forward, sweeping it over his ears toward his face.  I don’t know where he got such a light, bright, head of hair but it suits him very well.  
Elliot the Brave
He leaps, he dives, he flys, he tries to kill himself everyday of his life.  He is always trying to get outside, where suddenly I do not exist.  He doesn’t understand the concept of how to get off a couch or bed, he just tries to crawl off head first haha.  He got out of his crib the other day unhurt and unaffected.  I’m still not sure how, but we have since lowered it.  He loves to be spun around as fast as possible, and it makes him laugh and laugh so hard.  He also enjoys in his free time hanging upside down like a possum.  

Cam and Cas’s Deal
We spend our free time dreaming of a Cayman Island, Paris, or Disney World vacation for our 5 year anniversary.  We can’t afford it right now, but we talk about what we would do all of the time.  I even dream of everything I would pack in my suitcase.  We have been eating dinner together as a family at the table and it is really nice.  It stops the kids from getting foods all on the living room carpet or couch.  We are still recuperating from working on our house all year and now that we have ran out of money/steam/ energy, we are kicking back and loving our home we have here.  It really is beautiful to us.  
Our Hair
Cameron’s hair is awesome, as it always is, thick, healthy, dreamy.  My hair, or what’s left of it after a year of Ells pulling it out,  is boring, although it has gotten a lot of compliments lately.  I am plotting on how I can change it up some.  Our hair is pretty boring. 
Just kidding.  No one cares about our hair as much as they care about Cohen’s.
Cam and Cas the Brave
We got a studio space for me to do photography/art in and Cam plans on practicing music there as well.  It will be our project these winter months to get it ready for springtime!  I am lucky to have such a supporting guy.  Cam’s work is going really well, he is taking on whatever he is asked to do and knocks it out of the park.  I am super proud of him.  As far as being parents, we have decided to treat everyday as a victory.  With two crazies, its easy to lose your patience and to sometimes not be on the most set schedule in the world.  But I think that is the beauty in our home, we don’t try to be “perfect” but we try really really hard to be better everyday and learn from our mistakes, and to try and do what is best for our family.  We dance around, we play hide and seek, we make a lot of pancakes.  I feel like we are on this team together, all working towards the same goal.  There is so much love here, at this home, so much laughter, dance parties, and adventures.  Maybe that is why I am such a homebody these days! 

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