Jan 7, 2016

23 weeks

my 22 week photo

As I sit down to write, my 23 week peanut, or eggplant now I guess, is busy thumping away in my belly.  No one can feel the kicks but me, and it's pretty apparent that he or she isn't getting much sleep in there. My husband has been away for work, (counting down the minutes until he gets home tomorrow), and since I am lacking in adult communication I had an urge to blog, and talk about the only thing I am thinking about lately, being pregnant!  So I just wanted to document how I'm feeling, what I am craving, etc, etc.  Here goes!

Cravings-This is always the fun part! Now that I have been able to stop taking my medication and have been complaining of being tired instead of being nauseous, I have such an appetite.  Last month, I pretty much only ate grapefruit for a month straight, but now the menu is a little more varied. For breakfast, it's usually a boiled egg and english muffins with blackberry jam for breakfast, and a cold cup of chocolate milk.  I also crave a savory breakfast these days, like eggs with mushrooms, garlic , and parmesan.  I always snack on strawberries and bananas with peanut butter until lunch, where its most always a black bean and mexican white cheese quesadilla, covered with cilantro, lime, and avocado slices. I usually will have a baked sweet potato or a toasted pb&j for a snack, and then at dinner time, I'm always craving a huge salad of some sort, I could have the balsamic strawberry salad from Firebirds every night.  I always end the night with a dove dark chocolate square and a spoon of peanut butter, and its always amazing.  I'm glad I am craving so many healthy things, besides the peanut butter, hopefully they won't change to pizza and ice-cream anytime soon. 

Obsessions-Thinking about what to pack in my hospital bag.  With Elliot I loved everything I packed, and want to repeat it exactly, down to the Philosophy Pure Grace body lotion, that's scent always reminds me of being at the hospital with a newborn in my arms.  I still love watching youtube videos on the subject, even though I feel pretty wise on what to pack and not pack these days, I just like talking about pregnancy, and listening to strangers talk about their pregnancies as well I guess!  Keeping the house clean is quite a priority to keep me feeling sane, but constantly cleaning up after the boys and doing the laundry calls for a ton of breaks to put my feet up.  I'm obsessed with the HGTV show Fixer Upper and DVR it so I can watch it on demand, and it's the most relaxing, and inspiring, show to watch.  Also obsessed with PinkBlush and ASOS maternity lines, and filling up my Sephora and Amazon shopping carts with beauty products, that I hopefully will be able to buy soon.  Lastly, I am obsessed with anything rose scented, using my new clarisonic cleansing brush, everything and anything pertaining to Paris (French films, French recipes, Parisian street style), and of course, researching and researching baby names.

Feelings- I cry everyday, over something.  Getting overwhelmed, or getting anxious, and feeling panicked sometimes.  I wonder how I will be able to get anything done with three children, but then I remember that it will be easier since Cohen will be in school next year, and then I start crying because Cohen will be in SCHOOL next year.  I feel joy and love, and so curious about this new person coming into our lives.  And of course, feeling tired, so very tired, to the point of taking multiple naps on some days when I can.  I feel this incredible urge to get the boys out of the house everyday and to go on adventures, since things will be crazy when our new baby comes, but my tiredness, plus frigid cold makes it tough, and then I feel guilty about that lot.  I just hope I can get into the groove of balancing all of this.  I see other moms of three that inspire me so much, and it makes me feel better to know that if they can do it, I can too.  

Well, if you are not bored to death by all of this pregnancy talk and are still here, thanks for reading.  I feel like I am talking to the babies all day and it feels good to just put my thoughts here on my blog, another reason why I love it so.  I might write again about my changing cravings, feelings and obsessions, but until then, its more HGTV,  dark chocolate and peanut butter.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust 

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