Feb 1, 2016

Maternity Style: 26 Weeks

It's been a while since I did an outfit post, or since I was in a dress that was made for a blooming baby bump, thus making me feel beautiful and comfortable.  Also, its been a while since I dragged my husband out to a field we passed on the way home from church to take blog photos, but this Sunday, I was excited to get back to my old ways.  It's a good feeling, having something to wear that actually fits me, I tell you!  PinkBlush has been a go to women's online boutique sight for me for my pregnancies.  They have  so many cute dresses for women so its easy to find something to suit you.  I'm a sucker for crochet details and bell sleeves, and had major heart eyes when I saw this dress.  I've worn this dress three times already, and it's so easy because you don't need a lot of accessories to go with it.  I styled it once with floral wedges, once with my Bali Elf cream ballet flats, and this time with my cream Minnie Swedish Hasbeens, which I loved the most.  If you are searching for trendy boutiques online, check them out! 
So, I'm almost 27 weeks at this point and dreading dreading dreading my glucose test on Thursday.  Drinking that juice at 8AM is going to be a challenge but I'm excited to hear his heartbeat at the appointment.  At my last appointment I was preoccupied with finding out the gender and making sure the anatomy scans looked normal.  My heart was beating so fast when the technician told me, my mom, and Cameron the gender, which was a boy!  A boy, who by judging by my horrible reflux, has a lot of hair.  Now that we know the sex and it has sunk in that we will have three sons, we are feeling pretty relaxed.  We have all of the big things we need, but I have been shopping around for some extra special items that will be new and just for him.  Collecting special little things for him makes me really happy, and I am still deciding whether or not to do a nursery for him or to postpone that and set up a cozy little place in our room for him.  Knowing he will spend his first months in our room lessons the pressure of having to have everything done, even though it thrills me to know end putting together a nursery.

Cravings: chocolate milk, strawberries, lemon lime water, A1 sauce, and spicy everything!

Side Effects: as mentioned above, horrible reflux.  Doesn't help that I chug lemon water all day.  As far as beauty, I have really been happy with my skin and hair lately.  My skin has been really clear, and my hair has been rather soft and full.  Like the old wives tale says about reflux relating to your baby having a lot of hair, it's also said that a boy brings beauty during pregnancy while a girl takes it for herself :), so I'm thanking him for this.  Also, I have a new skincare routine that I started around Christmas.  I use the Ole Henriksen line I found at Sephora, which includes a serum, eye cream, refining lotion, and a jelly face wash that has changed my life, I will never go back, and my Clarisonic, which has proven every good review I have ever heard about it.  Another crazy symptom, that I am going to talk to my doctor about this week, is an intense fatigue I have about an hour after I wake up, where I feel so weak I can't even lift my arms to hold up my phone, so i just have to lay there, and close my eyes, and wait until it goes away.  I remember feeling that way with Cohen and Elliot too, I always said it felt like my blood was to thick for my body.  Not a good feeling.

Obsessions: going on walks with my boys, slow walks, not rushed.  Soaking in every thing they say, answering Cohen's hundreds of questions, and trying to make some wonderful memories before I'm preoccupied with baby for a bit.  Also, day dreaming about Spring, collecting vintage floral skirts to wear, and planning a trip to the nearest Lush to stock up on everything bathtastic and beautiful before my third trimester when sitting in a warm bath will be all I want to do.

Doing an outfit post was so fun, thank you PinkBlush Boutique for making me feel pretty.  Signing off to watch Aladdin with the family tonight, Cohen has never seen it before and he is pretty excited, which he should be! Thank you for stopping by!

Dress ~ c/o ShopPinkBlush
Shoes ~ Swedish Hasbeens 
Navy Tights ~ Ruche

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