Feb 24, 2016

Memory Lane

As I look around my house, I see so many empty walls where I would love to see photos.  From where I sit, I see two little square prints printed from Instagram hanging on wooden clothes pins in a frame.  That's it. Just two. I think it is because I can't choose between all of the hundreds I take and store on my phone.  My husband thinks having big old photo's of yourself in your living room is kind of cheesy, like, "Welcome to our house, here we are standing here, and here we are again, hanging on the wall smiling at you." That is what he always says.  But the photo's I like, the caught in the moment ones, send a different, less formal vibe, so I think that is where we will compromise.  I was looking through my phone to find some photos to print from Instagram like I did last year, and was so sad that I do not get to see them fresh in my feed everyday, unless I go scrolling down for a long ways.  I don't want them to be forgotten because they are so beautiful and special to me.  I had to pick a few favorites to share on the blog again, and a few turned into 40.  So these are they ones I chose to print, the ones that bring me back to last Spring with my boys, the ones that I wish I could post everyday, (thank goodness for Facebook Time Hop, it gives me an excuse)  because they are my favorite memories.  From cuddling with the boys on my bed, to photos of me and my love, to Cohen lining up all of his superhero guys on the sofa, to Elliot practicing his yoga moves, each old photo holds a tight grip on my heart.  



  1. Love these. Every last one. Precious.

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