Jun 28, 2016

Indigo Blooms

It was a gloomy Tuesday afternoon.  The older boys were napping after being worn out from our morning dance party (while Jonah was napping).  I was thinking of giving him a sink bath and wishing for a bath myself, so instead I scooped up my roly baby boy and drew a warm bath for the both of us.  We had these beautiful blooms left over from the baby shower on saturday, so I sprinkled them in the water, because it was our first bath together, and it needed something special.  I held him up on my legs and washed him with our rosemary and lavender baby wash, and he slashed his chunky hands and feet around in the water at the flowers.  As I leaned his head into the water to rinse of the suds, he gave me a big gummy smile and I nearly shed a tear from joy.  I admired all of his features and expressions and took some photo's for vivid memories, and laughed as I looked at them later because they were each divine. I layed him on my chest for a while while pouring the warm water over his back, and then wrapped us up in a towel and got out.  Our first bath was over, but I will remember it always and forever, and when I am ever sad, it will be there waiting to warm my heart.  These three boys of mine are my treasure and I don't know how I could want for anything else.   

Jun 27, 2016


I always joke that I am a photographer with no photos in my house.  Not anymore!  I am SO excited to share the company, Framebridge with you! First of all, the name "Framebridge" is perfect for what they do, because all of us have tons of photos we take and want framed, and we see these gorgeous gallery walls on Pinterest with perfect frames and mats, but we (I)  never actually get around to framing our art.  It just seems so daunting and time consuming.  Framebridge bridges the gap from the photo's hiding on your computer to hanging beautifully on your walls, because they make it so easy and affordable!  When Framebridge reached out to me to try out their site, I quickly realized how easy it would be to pick the perfect frame because their site allows you to upload your photo and view it in all of the frames and mats. You can also send in your art as well for them to frame.  I uploaded a bridal photo taken by my father in law that I always wanted framed.  My mother always said a true southern lady always had a large bridal in "the parlor" and I always wanted one (even though I have no parlor, and am not quite sure what a parlor even is).  I checked it out in all of the frames, they classify them into styles if you want to narrow them down, and quickly fell in love with the fluted "Georgetown" frame.  Now that it is hanging in my bedroom, it is my favorite thing in the room! Not because it is a huge photo of myself, but because that photo by David is a true work of art to me, and so special to me and my husband.  It represents the happiest day of my life, a dream coming true, and I always wanted it framed, and honestly I don't think I would have ever gotten around to it otherwise.  I also got an instagram mini frame, the "Sonoma", of all three of my boys, the first photo taken of all three of them and it is so special to me.  I moved it around until I found the perfect spot, above the computer where I work.  

After I chose my frames and mat color, my art was quickly sent to my house in a sturdy box and I was so exited about the quality when I opened it!  The frames are beautiful and the prints where true to their colors. The back was nicely papered, came with nails and was ready to hang.  They made the process so easy and I can't wait to use them again! Scroll down to see my new art and a for a discount code!

 Use the code SKELETONKEYS15 at checkout for 15% off your first order at Framebridge.com.  This is such quality framing, I am so excited to order more in the future.  Also, if you end up ordering one let me know because I would love to see!