Jun 28, 2016

Indigo Blooms

It was a gloomy Tuesday afternoon.  The older boys were napping after being worn out from our morning dance party (while Jonah was napping).  I was thinking of giving him a sink bath and wishing for a bath myself, so instead I scooped up my roly baby boy and drew a warm bath for the both of us.  We had these beautiful blooms left over from the baby shower on saturday, so I sprinkled them in the water, because it was our first bath together, and it needed something special.  I held him up on my legs and washed him with our rosemary and lavender baby wash, and he slashed his chunky hands and feet around in the water at the flowers.  As I leaned his head into the water to rinse of the suds, he gave me a big gummy smile and I nearly shed a tear from joy.  I admired all of his features and expressions and took some photo's for vivid memories, and laughed as I looked at them later because they were each divine. I layed him on my chest for a while while pouring the warm water over his back, and then wrapped us up in a towel and got out.  Our first bath was over, but I will remember it always and forever, and when I am ever sad, it will be there waiting to warm my heart.  These three boys of mine are my treasure and I don't know how I could want for anything else.   

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