Jul 1, 2016

Pool Day

we took the boys swimming at the community pool yesterday for the first time this summer.  it was kind of spontaneous of us, and we didn't pack coolers filled with snacks or pack bags of floats and pool toys.  just a bit of sunscreen on everyone, a couple sun hats, and some change for the snack bar and we were good to go.  there was a big slide that they boys loved and jonah for the most part slept in the shade.  his little face under his linen sun hat was the most adorable thing ever, and I loved getting those cold wet hugs and kisses from cohen and elliot in the water.  I got a chance to break in my new swimsuit from lime ricki, (they sell the cutest colorful mix and match swimwear!) which I loved because the top fit like a sports bra, so I could run around with my boys and not worry about anything.  also, high waists are a must for me right now, because, hello, just had a bebe.  we had such a good time and finally got us a little color, but the best part was spending time with my family.  loving these simple summer days!

1 comment:

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