Sep 6, 2016

What's in my diaper bag

I get some kind of thrill with posts like these that let you peak into what someone carries in their bag.  I can't remember which one but there is a celebrity gossip magazine that always has someone sharing what is in their bag, and I love reading it!  So this is like a mama edition of that, so while a few of these items are for me, most are for the boys!  
Never have I ever had a proper diaper bag, probably because I have never liked the way they looked.  With Cohen I just threw things in a cute book bag and carried a changing mat inside that carried diapers and wipes and other changing neccessities.  It did the job but I never felt organized and it was always so hard to find what I needed at the bottom of the bag.  Well, I finally joined the ranks of the organized moms with their properly waterproof lined diaper bags that I envied when @Pacapod reached out to me and let me choose one of their gorgeous luxury diaper bags.  I chose this one because it reminds me so much of the vintage camera case I already have.  I never have seen a diaper bag that I liked before this one!  It's so gorgeous and has character and is something I am proud to carry around. love love love it!
(above two photos)
Here is what I carry in the big front section of the bag.  A pair of sunglasses for all of us, (cohen has his in his backpack so they are not pictured). Elliot loves wearing sunglasses and loves these one his aunt Kate got him.  @beaba_usa sent these blue ones for Jonah from France and they are so cute on him and protect his eyes from the bright sun.   I always carry a pair of socks in case his feet get cold, I love these fox ones from @monsterbunnyboutique! I also always carry @MoonriseCreek's all natural miracle salve which is good for burns, bug bits, and scrapes. It comes in handy with all three boys!  A paci clip is a must, I have never lost this paci because it is always clipped to his shirt or swaddle, I love the ones by @everlittles and @lovedbysophiaclair.  (I lost hundreds of cohen's paci's because I didn't have one of these!) I love these natural pacifiers because they are made from all natural rubber and are molded in one piece so there is no cracks where bacteria and dirt can reside. The rubber is pure from the hevea brasiliensis tree and are softer than silicone. You can find them on amazon!  I also carry a few teethers for Jonah to naw on, his favorites are the sophie giraffe and her elephant friend, the coated wooden duck, and the rubber teething bracelet from @mamaandlittle.  I also keep my favorite bottles of @moonrisecreek's aroma therapy with me, because I am addicted to them and are so calming, I find myself applying it all throughout the day lately, but one of my favorite times is listening to music while sitting in the carpool line to pick up cohen from school.  Moon dance and dirty hippy are my favorites (elliot loves the smell of pauchuli it turns out!) I use their all natural lip balm and plumping lip serum as well.  I also always have to have hand cream, @tubbytodd sent me this all natural one to try and I love it.  I  always keep a swaddle in my bag, as well we a cotton cloth diapers I use as burp clothes. One more thing, a couple of books are a must, especially for elliot! We like this above one by jimmy falon and I also throw in a touch and feel farm animal book for good measure!
(below photo)
I always keep an @OatMama lactation granola bar on hand in case I get hungry, this one is pumpkin pecan! I love keeping a couple of baby bonnets in the bag as well, this one from @rainpeople is perfect because it has a little visor for sunny days. The muslin swaddle was sent to Jonah from the sweet people at MORI (@babymoriuk) and I use it for a blanket for him as well as a nursing cover for me. 
 So in the back of the bag there is another compartment, where the pods are located.  What makes Pacapod so cool, is the changing pod and feeding pod located in ta separated part of the bag.  They are two pods that each like a mini diaper bag!  You can even remove them and attach them to their stroller with the little strap that is attached to them. The red feeding pod is insolated so in it I carry their snacks, drink, and also any medications they need, (also a thermometer, nail clippers, gripe water, etc).  In the changing pod I pack diapers, wipes, A&D ointment, and also a simple white onesie and leggings in case he needs a change of clothes! These leggings above where a gift to Jonah from @mikimiette and they are so soft. 
These boys being patient while I spill out the contents and make a mess on my bed, Elliot loves any chance he an get to hold his baby Jonah.
Madison Luxury Diaper bag in tan c/o Pacapod

 So I probably left out a few things, like my big ole bottle of water with lemon, but these are defiantly my favorite things to carry with me at all times!  I love filling our bag with natural mama and baby products and beautiful little treasures.  I want everything to be beautiful, and when I peak inside my bag, I love everything I see!  What are some of your must have items for your diaper bag?