Oct 17, 2016

some days it's hard to get one good capture on my phone, other days you take so many good ones that you just need to dump them all on your blog so you will never forget each moment.  we went to the pumpkin patch with my mom, sister, stepsister, and my cousin and her baby boy the weekend.  we were all dressed for a fall day, which the day started out feeling like, and by the time we were there it began feeling like a hot summer day.  i ended up taking off jonah's little outfit because it was just so hot, and i think i had my hands so full with all of the boys that i didn't even pay attention to the weird looks we probably getting!  elliot was beyond happy about the exciting things around every turn, swings, slides, corn beds, play houses, and tractor rides.  cohen was cracking me up giving me his modeleque poses everywhere, like that photo below, and was most excited about being our corn maze guide and the petting zoo.  The boys even rode ponies, that was my favorite part of all.  Jonah was just happy that he had his thumb to suck, and liked the powdered sugar from my fried oreos.  

days like these really make me miss their dad, because they are happy times and i wish that he was a part of it, he makes everything more fun anyway.  of course i have my hands full these days, but my family steps in when they see me going under, and they lighten my load as much as they can, giving me a mental break, which in turns makes me a better mom when i return home to single parenting.  i am so grateful for my family, on both sides, for all of the help they offer me, and for my church friends that have reached out to me as well, offering their help and letting me know they are thinking of us.  my family really helped me this weekend, so thanks you guys, thank you for giving me a little break on saturday, for not rushing me home, for bathing my boys and giving them medicine for their runny noses, for doing their laundry and taking them on walks, for planning a fun day at the pumpkin patch, and giving me an excuse to wear a little make up and an actual outfit for two days in a row, and for making me feel kind of like myself again.  this was supposed to be about the pumpkin patch, but looking at my happy boys in these photos just makes me want to say, thank you, over and over again.

happy fall everyone, and here's to setting down your troubles for a moment and making some good memories instead.