Nov 29, 2016

keeping up with the comptons

Thanksgiving with our families was so wonderful, and felt a little more relaxed than the past few years, and I hope that during this Christmas season we can keep that same slow, intentional rhythm we had magically captured around Thanksgiving.  Days are good now that Cameron is home and I really can't complain.  I feel a little shell shocked from Cameron being away for so long still, and am still trying to get into a good routine, but he is so patient and so helpful, and we can let go that the house isn't always spotless or dinners are not always perfect in exchange for us all being together.  Although we are unorganized in our schedules and routines right now, the relief that we have him back is all we feel.  When he is home, everything is as it should be.  I couldn't be happier that we are all together during the holidays, and there is something about having our new baby Jonah here, and us enjoying Cameron who's been missed so much, and Cohen and Elliot who are the funnest little boys in the world, I just feel incredibly excited about it all!

We picked out a white dipped tree last week that looked like it was straight out of Narnia, and decorated it with wizard of oz ornaments, pine cone roses we collected from a nearby tree, and our special keepsake ornaments we give each other every year.  We are slowly sprinkling twinkle lights and holiday cheer all around the house, and the boys are buzzing with holiday excitement throughout the day.  Cohen even had us make him his own Christmas sweater the other day, he wanted a snowman and octopus pirate who's ship crashed onto an island where a treasure chest was, haha, so we got some felt and hot glue and brought it too life, he didn't want to take it off!  Oh they want to do it all.  Watch every Christmas movie, see lights every night, hang lights on our house, bake cookies.... but I really want the boys to remember what Christmas is all about this year.  The night in bethlehem story in itself is such a magical one, and we plan on sharing it with the boys all season long.  One year we had all of the cousins do a manger scene, I really want us to do that again!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far! It's not even December and I am happy to be at the very beginning, I plan to soak it up every bit of the way!

(baby wrap c/o Solly Baby)

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust


  1. Awww… That is really cute post, good to see you people are having good time and I love the little one, he is so much cute. Thanks for sahring your moments with us

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