Jan 4, 2017

Baby Gear Must Haves

Hey you mamas and papas, I have teamed up with Baby Cubby today to show you some great finds at great values, because they price check, even with amazon, and do the research for you for a curated collection of the niftiest needs for newborns and up!  Here is what I am loving.

Wow, I wish I would have invented this.  Empty your baby food into the capsule and then squeeze it into the spoon.  Yes Yes Yes. 

                                                                 Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

This stroller is so compact and light, it folds down super small and even comes with a back pack bag to wear while traveling.  

Our go to shoes.  They even have our favorite color, Blue Spruce, a super cool grey blue neutral. 

I have worked with Tubby Todd a lot over the past year and was not surpised to see them offered here.  Such lovely scents and all natural ingredients.  We love Tubby Todd products!

For me, there is nothing better than a backpack style diaper bag.  I need extra hands, so I can't afford one to be taken away holding a shoulder bag.  I have some awesome ones but on really active days, I 
go with the backpack. 

Such a sleek, well made, safe, and easy to install carseat.  I love its simplistic style.

This is what we are eyeing for Jonah's first birthday.  A sweet walker that he can load his toys in as well.  I am sure the big brothers will want to play with this too!

So if you are looking for shower presents, or are an overwhelmed new parent, give Baby Cubby a visit.  They have the best of everything you need, and a lot of great brands to explore and fall in love with.  I find online shopping so much easier than going to a store, no lines, reviews to read, and its easier to compare the details of products.  Happy Shopping!


  1. All the baby gadgets which you have shared are generally get used for all the babies. The tiny shoes are looking very beautiful. I really like the stuff of kids.

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  3. This post is exactly what the doctor ordered!!! Thank you for creating such a thorough list that I basically plan on hijacking (whatever items I don’t already have on there, anyways). I am planning to buy at kidzgeek I hope this all good.

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