May 4, 2017

Jonah's Picnic Party

Yes I know, a spring picnic birthday party isn't the most masculine party them, but you only get to do these cutely little gender neutral baby things for so little time (I'm looking at you bonnets.)  Also I just got done throwing a ninja turtle party and a Five Nights at Freddy's party, I needed a sweeter party theme and this seemed like such a simple and sweet fit for our spring babe!  I could have left out the pink flowers I guess, but I picked all these on the side of the road and didn't even think about the colors!  

I wanted the colors to be light and soft, so I found this khaki gingham tablecloth on amazon for the dessert table and used canvas clothes from the home depot store for the table clothes on the food table. They come in big sizes and make such a pretty tablecloth with a natural vibe and a little texture.  I brought some of my linen tablecloths from home and layered them with some red gingham ones my aunt brought over as I was decorating.  She also let me use her vintage highchair and porcelain salt and pepper shakers, also she made the cake.  I am lucky to have her!
I searched pinterest for a classic picnic menu and found this pretty watercolor menu, and it inspired the party food!  

I kept the decorations simple, just wildflowers we picked by my moms house in glass bottles and my old picnic basket collection.  He got a new swing from his mama and dadda and we hung it up for him to enjoy at the party! There were plenty of willing love ones to keep him swinging! He wore the first thing I bought him when I found out I was having a boy, a vintage denim jumper that I fell in love with and couldn't wait to see him in, and a linen sun bonnet c/o our friends at @rainpeople.

Jonah and his grandmothers, best friends since high school.  How neat that they get to share grandbabies now.  Jonah has mom's one cheek dimple and my mother in law's long lashes.
I wanted to make a fun kids table so I played white craft paper down as a tablecloth and set out wooden toolboxes full of colored pencils, chalk and crayons for them to draw on.  I loved seeing their art when the party was over.  We also set up a badminton game for guests to play, seemed like a classic picnic kinda activity! 
Singing happy birthday is always the best part.  Watching his face light up as everyone circles around him to sing, and when he saw his smash cake his eyes are fixed on it!  It was too windy for our candle to stay lit so he just went straight in for the blueberries, trying to finish them off before he even tasted the cake! 

When the party was over I realized I had been so busy I hadn't had a photo with my birthday boy and niether had my husband.  I want him to look back and see us at his party when he's bigger, so we took a few snapshots together and I am so glad we did! 
The good thing about a spring party is the abundance of wild flowers everywhere!  We pulled off on the side of the road by moms house and grabbed a big handful to use for the tables and a few for the cake.
These simple cherry and blueberry pies were a so easy and such a big hit wish a school of vanilla ice-cream. I just searched pinterest for easy recipes! 
A full tummy and nice breeze was a perfect opportunity for a nap towards the end of his picnic.  I have to find a place to hang this swing at our house so he can enjoy it some more!  We got it for a limited special price on Amazon and I'm glad we had good timing!

I loved how his party turned out, I loved having all of our loved ones together, and I loved celebrating our first year with Jonah, and his happy spirit he has brought to our home, and to the world.

Swing-Mission Hammocks via Amazon
Khaki Tablecloth via Amazon 
Invitation by Cassidy Compton
Picnic Menu by Susan Branch via Pinterest
Cake by Louvette Ogelsby
Serveware from Lesa Manzella
Sunbonnet c/o RainPeople


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