Sep 14, 2017

Sunday Diares: Boys and Hand-Me-Downs

 Just a sunny September Sunday, with Jonah and Elliot in Cohen's hand-me-downs and all of their outfits just seemed to compliment each other, I wanted to document it.  My boy's clothes are precious to me, not because what they cost or the brand they are, (most are thrifted favorites) but because they hold so many memories.  This is why I love even doing their laundry, I tend to slow down when I get to their clothes, and it feels sort of sacred, gently folding the tiny clothes that their bodies fill out, the thread bare tee's and the ripped knees, and the pilled t-shirts, with fades superhero's and socks miscolored on the bottom, I love them so much.  Thats why I keep them all, and its good that I do because I keep having more boys keep them on rotation.  They hold so many memories and its what they live in, I guess thats why I find them so precious. #sentimenalmama #hoarderofclothes

Backpack Diaper Bag c/o Whirlwind Bags

Sep 13, 2017

Days with Elliot

Ever since his big brother started first grade, Elliot has been wanting to go to school so badly.  One, because Elliot is always wanting to go everywhere, whether its to a quick gas station run with dada, grocery shopping, church, a 5 hour car ride, he doesn't care, he just wants to be along for the ride.  Unlike his homebody mama and brother, he is as social as they come, a friendly social butterfly who is both playful and chill at the same time, just the best.  Luckily he is surrounded by cousins to play with almost everyday, but since I know getting out there in the world brings him joy,  I have been forcing myself out into the world as well for him.  We decided he will start preschool next year, and this year will be spent with library days, museum days, playing at the park days, hiking in the woods and learning about the forest days, and learning basic letters and numbers and such, he really loves to do homework when Cohen does so it makes it easy for us to teach him. Any excuse for his to grab a backpack and do little scholarly things makes him so happy.  

I recently got him a library card, so he can carry it in his book bag with him to story time and check out a book.  The very first book he checked out was the one he spotted when we first walked into to story time and couldn't peel his eyes away from it until it was in his hands, a blaze and the monster machine book.  I love story time because they always have a cute craft to follow, and on this day, since the book was about a bear, he got to make his own bear mask, which he holds dear to his heart.  I got a couple of captures of him with his big boy book bag and mask when we got home and I just love them.  He is the kindest, funniest sidekick and I love our days our together.  I couldn't be more excited about crunching through the leaves, his little hand holding mine, asking me questions, reading books and laughing about the pictures, it all just makes me feel so lucky to have this little boy.